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Article Summary:

Focus on yourself and improve yourself.
Don’t be a “nice guy” – you’ll get no respect.
Don’t hibernate. Put yourself out there to meet women, either offline or even with online dating – such as this free site to get you started.

Finding a girlfriend can be hard – unless you put yourself in the right situations armed with the right approach. In this article, I’m going to give you both. Aren’t I swell? :)

Anyway, follow these three tips and you’ll be on your way to success.
Focus on Yourself First
Many guys think that the key is to focus on the girl […] Continue Reading…

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Article Summary:

Distract yourself with fun and games.
Work on improving yourself.
Meet new ladies – you can even try online dating, the easiest way to get back in the game.

Breakups are hard. I remember all of mine vividly, even though I’m in a happy relationship right now. They just take over your life somehow, and you can’t think about anything else about the person.

We want nothing more than to know how to get over your ex girlfriend…and here are a few pieces of advice that I’ve gleaned over the years.
Take Action to Cause Distraction
The most important tip is to keep yourself […] Continue Reading…

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Article Summary:

Improve your mindset – have confidence in yourself and you’ll show confidence to everyone.
Meet more women, as many as you can, to improve your chances. Try online dating – here is the free dating site you always wanted.
Never give up!

So, are you saying to yourself, “I need a woman”? Then you are lucky you found this page :) Here I’ll give you the three key tips that you need to meet a woman – and these are really the ONLY tips that you need in the end as long as you apply them consistently. Here we go!

Improve Your […] Continue Reading…

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Article Summary:

Avoid the cliches – bars, clubs, and the like – unless you are really into that scene.
Go to places that you like to go to and that have activities – you can get to know someone organically.
Don’t forget online dating; here is the last dating site you will ever need.

Many years ago, I was a frustrated guy who didn’t know how to meet women. Even worse, I didn’t know where to meet women.

I was sick and tired of it, so I decided to really get this figured out. One of the things I figured out wast he best ways […] Continue Reading…

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Article Summary:

Go somewhere fun and low stress; interaction is the key most of all.
Be yourself – don’t try to put on a show to “impress” her.
Learn why now is the right time to meet a new woman.

I remember almost every first date I’ve been on. Some have been great, some have been mediocre, and some have been…well, we won’t talk or REMEMBER those. :)

Anyway, I bet you want to avoid those kinds of dates and instead have a date that can lead to something more in the future. Whatever you’re looking for in the future, there are a few key […] Continue Reading…

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Article Summary:

Destroy your fear of failure and your fear of rejection.
Don’t focus on one woman – there are truly plenty of fish in the sea.
Don’t forget you can meet women online – check this site for a truly innovative way to meet women.

It was just a few short years ago that I was single and perpetually looking for someone. Luckily, recently I met someone and married her :) Yay! But how did I do it?

How did I go from having no prospects at all to having a wife? In other words, how is it that I found out how […] Continue Reading…

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Article Summary:

Get yourself out there – you need to meet women regularly to get a date.
Come up with your routine that works for you.
Check out this dating site that will knock your socks off.

Oh I remember the good old days, trolling around for a date, more often that not coming up empty. Luckily, I learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way that helped me find dates as I implemented those tips. I don’t need tips anymore, though – I’m happily married :)

But anyway, enough about me, want to know how to get a date? Simply follow […] Continue Reading…

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Article Summary:

Plan a low-cost, low maintenance, but high fun date.
Be yourself, but be your best self.

Most guys are not taught the important things in school – such as how to date a girl, or even to meet one and make her a girlfriend for that matter! :) Consider this then a crash course in the best ways on how to impress a girl and show her a good time.
Planning the Date
The first thing to keep in mind is to avoid setting up some fancy dinner or other expensive event, especially for the first date. Going into the date with […] Continue Reading…

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Article Summary:

Make sure your inner game is under control – you need to be confident, you need to believe, and you need a great attitude.
Get out into the field – you need to make success happen for yourself.
Learn how to find a girlfriend super fast & for free

One of the hardest things in life is to find a girlfriend, but not only “a” girlfriend, but the right one in the first place.

However, it’s only “hard” if you don’t have the tools and information you need to meet that special someone. So this article is dedicated to giving you some […] Continue Reading…

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Article Summary:

I was desperate to find a girlfriend…and then I learned what I was doing wrong.
Be nice, but don’t be a “nice guy!” Get yourself out there; don’t hide inside.
Learn where to meet a girlfriend anywhere, anytime

I’m happily married now. But it was just a few short years ago that I was alone, with few prospects for a date, much less a girlfriend.

However, in a mere few months, I changed my attitude and approach to women, and this resulted in me meeting my future wife.

What was it that changed during those few months, and how can it help you […] Continue Reading…

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