3 Tips for Finding a Girlfriend

Article Summary:

  • Focus on yourself and improve yourself.
  • Don’t be a “nice guy” – you’ll get no respect.
  • Don’t hibernate. Put yourself out there to meet women, either offline or even with online dating – such as this free site to get you started.

Finding a girlfriend can be hard – unless you put yourself in the right situations armed with the right approach. In this article, I’m going to give you both. Aren’t I swell? :)

Anyway, follow these three tips and you’ll be on your way to success.

Focus on Yourself First

Many guys think that the key is to focus on the girl – her wants, her needs, her desires. To a certain extent this is true, because you don’t want to be selfish, but it’s also critical that you focus on yourself as well.

What I mean by this is to make sure that you are constantly improving yourself and enriching yourself. Not only is this good for you, but it will also help you with the ladies because you’ll be more interesting.

This also means that you should work on your confidence and “inner game.” The more you feel better about yourself, the more this will radiate out in all directions and increase your attractiveness to women.

Don’t Be Too Much of a “Nice Guy”

This is the thing that kills most guys, I believe. They focus way too much on being a “nice guy.” This is related to above in many ways.

They are not confident in themselves to think that they can attract a woman by their own natural behavior. Instead, they focus on trying to please her with everything they do and say.

Do not do this! It’s a total killer for your love life.

This doesn’t mean to be a jerk. It just means to be your own man. Have your priorities and your requirements and stick to them.

Put yourself in the frame of mind where YOU are evaluating the woman, not just the other way around.

Finally, Just Get Out There

Too many guys spend all their time twiddling their thumbs instead of putting themselves out there. Finding a girlfriend can’t be done by being by yourself – you need to get out there, either online or offline.

The offline venues are relatively well known, so you should definitely try there. But don’t forget about the online options as well. Here is a site that is helping guys to find girlfriends, wives, lovers, you name it – for free!