4 Ways to Earn Extra Money Online

I recently had to make some extra money really quickly, and after a few weeks of research, I found many ways to make money online quickly. Many of the following ideas will pay you quickly in the short term, and some will even pay you over time, creating a stream of residual income for you. Here are four ways to earn extra money online:

1) Write for other people.

This is probably by favorite way to make extra money online. This is because it’s just so quick and easy to pump out some words – sites like Textbroker can pay you a penny per word or more, and that can quickly add up once you get going. You have to write about topics that clients want, but you can choose from 1000s of article subjects, so you’ll be sure to find something you know you can write about. And Google is a few quick clicks away if you need to do some research to support your articles.

2) Write for your own sites.

Once you get good at writing quickly and on many topics, you can start writing for your own websites. Instead of giving up the rights to your work, you can leverage them yourselves to create online assets that will pay you in ad revenue, affiliate sales, and many other monetization methods. One of the keys here is learning SEO – search engine optimization – as that will help your articles and content get to the top of Google for the keywords you want.

3) Amazon Mechanical Turk.

This is probably not one of the most lucrative ways to earn extra money online, but it may be the easiest. Basically, you’ll do random data entry tasks, surveys, and other assignments for people, and get paid when you complete the assignment. Some of them only pay a few pennies, though they usually only take a few seconds to complete. Others can pay much more, even on the order of $1-$5, though those will usually take a bit more time to complete.

4) Freelance. If you have some skill that someone wants, you can sell it to them. You’ll have to bid against other freelancers, but if you get the winning bid, you can get paid for doing everything from web design, graphic design, and many other tasks. Best of all, you can build up your own private clientele that you can make money from for months and years to come.

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