4 Ways to Make More Money

Sometimes when you want to make money, it’s not about getting another job or embarking on some other full-time project. Only a few years ago, there weren’t many opportunities to make extra money except the standard methods – odd jobs, part-time work, selling your stuff, and so on. Today, however, the picture has changed – you can make extra money from the comfort of home through your computer, as long as you know where to look and how to proceed. Thus, here are four ways to make more money that don’t require dozens of extra hours of work during the week. How much and how often you work simply depends on how much extra money you need…

Four Ways to Make More Money

(1) Try online data entry, such as through sites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and other so-called “microworker” sites. If you are looking for ways to make more money in relatively small amounts, then this is the way to go – you won’t be making hundreds of dollars a week with this method, but you can make some spare cash relatively easily. I’ve used this site while watching TV and movies – easy as pie.

(2) Freelance online. This is perhaps a bit more advanced method, as you’ll be doing real ‘work’ for other people. However, the ‘work’ involved doesn’t have to be that advanced if you don’t want it or don’t have the skills for it. For instance, you can use a site like Fiverr to get $5 payments for repeatable jobs, such as commenting on people’s videos or their blogs.

(3) Online writing. There are many sites that let you do this, such as Textbroker and The Content Authority. You can pick from a wide selection of article types, and get paid by the word for doing so. If you aren’t a great writer, don’t worry – you can start at the lowest ‘rating’ level and work yourself up. You can even get paid for “rewriting” articles – this is very easy to do and you’ll get paid .5 cents a word or more! You can easily make $15 an hour and up with this method, and the money is directly deposited into your PayPal account.

(4) Trade stocks online. Take care with this method: you can actually lose money too, if you’re not careful! Still, if you have some money to invest, and make smart choices, you can make a handy profit and even set up streams of passive income. This method works well with online brokers today, as their commissions are so low that they won’t eat into your trades very heavily.

What To Do Now

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