How to Get Your Ex Back

I remember my first breakup. Of course, it was also my first relationship, so all the emotions were already magnified times ten. But the first breakup hit me like a bus roaring down the street at 50 mph. I felt flattened, almost literally.

At that time, I would have done anything to stop the pain and restore things to the way they were. Unfortunately, back in that day there were no articles or books on “how to get your ex back,” so I was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get back together.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be your fate.

It Happens to Almost Everyone

Since relationships are an ultimate fact of human existence, breakups (unfortunately) are just as much a fact of life. Most people average nearly two major breakups over a lifespan. As is obvious to you now, these breakups can be devastating, only rivaled by the passing of a loved one. And in a sense, it is very much like a death – a death of a relationship, not a person, but a death nonetheless.

And everyone who has gone through a breakup asks the dreaded question, “how do I get my ex back? What can I do?” Unfortunately, for most of those people, these questions go unanswered, as there was little information on how to reverse this process for the first, what, millenia of human existence?

Imagine the cave man or woman experiencing their first breakup. Did they have Google or the Internet to turn to? No. So count yourself lucky on that end, at least. ;)

Don’t Give Up

Most, if not all, of your friends and family will tell you that it’s time to “move on.” This is unfortunately the “common wisdom” bandied about nowadays, wisdom which sounds helpful but which sometimes can be harmful.

The fact of the matter is that some relationships breakup for dumb reasons, or at least reasons that can be fixed and changed so that the relationship can be healthy.

“Moving on,” in this case, is thus much like giving up.

What To Do

Armed with the right knowledge and approach, you can put your relationship back together.

Understanding human psychology in general, and the specific dynamics and quirks of your relationship in particular, can all help you put the relationship back together.

This isn’t Humpty Dumpty here! All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put him back together again, but with the right knowledge and approach, you can put your relationship back where it belongs. You can stop asking “how to get your ex back” and start asking “so how do we move on from here?”

And believe me, it’s a great feeling!

Let’s Start Now

The key now is to get started. Read about this topic and find out what other’s have done in your circumstances. Think and discuss your strategy with friends.

One great place to start looking for information is at the Magic of Making Up, a great resource that has helped tens of thousands of people recover their love life. Check it out here.

Through it all, remember that you can do whatever you put your mind to…and that includes bringing back what may seem to be lost. Nothing is lost as long as we know where to look.

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast

It’s like running on a treadmill that is constantly speeding up. You want to try to keep up with it, but you keep slipping and smashing your face in to the ground…

Sorry for the weird metaphor, but you probably get what I mean. After a breakup, I wanted to try to repair things as quickly as possible. Isn’t there a method on how to get your ex back fast that will be as painless and rapid as popping a pill?

We Always Want Fast Results

The fact of the matter is that in our society today, we are always looking for the quick fix. In many respects this is a great strategy, as our wonderful planet has created quick fixes, or at least awesome shortcuts, for us to get what we want.

This may include, we hope against all hope, getting our ex back really fast after a breakup. But does it? And more importantly, should we look to get back together so quickly?

The Can and the Should

The issue at hand is twofold. First, is there a “get back together fast” pill? Unfortunately, no. There is no magic bullet that will make all the problems that you and your partner had disappear. There is no way to quickly ease the pain and hurt that you are both undoubtedly feeling at this point.

Second, perhaps even if there were this magic bullet, it wouldn’t be so useful and beneficial in the first place. After a breakup, there are usually good reasons to create the separation. Simply putting things back together without addressing those issues will lead to more frustration and, you guessed it, more breakups in the future.

So Is There Any Hope?

Luckily, there is hope.

While we can’t restore the relationship in minutes, we can restore it. It just requires an even-keeled approach and a great method to follow. We need to know why breakups happen, how they progress, and how to divert them back to where you want them.

We need to understand how to rehabilitate the relationship from the inside out, not simply slapping a band-aid on it and hoping it’s all better!

Those out there who say that a breakup is “the end” truly don’t know what they are talking about. It is never the end. Never.

What’s the Next Step

So you may find little to work from if you simply want to know how to get your ex back fast…but that’s OK. Because instead we know now that there’s a “right” way to do this process, and we need to avoid the “wrong” way at all costs if we ever hope to get the relationship back.

Information is always the key – the more we know, the better we will be armed for the mission to come. If you’d like a great framework and discussion of how to make up with your ex, check out this website. It’s helped tens of thousands of people…and it can help you!

I Need a Boyfriend! Some Tips for You

Unfortunately, things generally don’t work out like in the movies. Most of the time, Prince Charming won’t come by and sweep you off your feet – especially if you don’t put yourself in the situations necessary for this to happen! This means it’s time for you to take action – stop worrying, “I need a boyfriend,” and instead go out there and get one! Here are some tips to help you:

First: Put yourself out there. Of course, the standard in our culture is that guys need to be the aggressor, but things are changing. Many men are bashful and scared of making the first move. It doesn’t mean that you have to – but dial up the signals to him so that he knows it’s a “go.” Otherwise, the guy might be too scared to take the plunge for fear of rejection!

Second: Go to places that you like to hang out and try to find guys there. Think about it: you’ll already have something in common – this means that you’ll also have something to talk about, and you can then avoid the awkwardness that so fills the first conversations between people. Plus, you’ll also know that you’ll share values with the guy, which may make him good long term potential…

Third: Be yourself. Despite what the media says, guys don’t necessary need the ‘glitz’ and the ‘glam.’ Most guys just want a sweet, down-to-earth girl. If that’s your strength, be that. Whatever your strength is, just don’t try to be something you’re not!

I Want a Girlfriend So Badly! 31 Ways to Get Your GF

It can be incredibly frustrating to constantly be the ‘nice guy’ that all the girls treat as their best friend in the world. “I want a girlfriend so badly,” you say to yourself, “but they only seem to go for the idiots and bad boys!” Despite how annoying this is, you have to resist the temptation to be a ‘bad boy’ and instead be the best you can be. Think about any other skill in the world, from sports to video games to music to literature. People who want to get better in those fields only do so through practice. So you have to believe that you can get better with women in the same way – through practice! To help you in your quest to get a girlfriend, here are thirty-two ways to improve yourself, your skills, and you chances with the fairer sex. The more of these ways and methods you do consistently, the better your chances will be.

  1. Lose weight or gain muscle as necessary.
  2. Improve your posture to look more confident and commanding.
  3. Improve your voice tone. Focus on the deeper, more commanding tones.
  4. Try online dating – you can often sign up for free. It’s more popular than ever, and you’ll meet women with whom you share interests and values.
  5. Get a system. The ‘dating and seduction’ community has exploded in the past decade.
  6. Wear nice clothes. You don’t have to dump hundreds of dollars into a wardrobe, but at the very least look neat, clean, and put together. Focus on the accessories like shoes, belts, and watches.
  7. Get a haircut that fits your face and your style.
  8. Make sure any accessories, like glasses, fit your face, body, and style.
  9. Improve how you walk, talk, and your general body language. Body language is a huge part of interacting with women.
  10. Don’t act clingy or weird. No one likes this. Be normal and cool.
  11. Work on your confidence, and try to project your confidence as much as possible.
  12. Feel comfortable in your own skin. Fake it at first, but eventually it will become real to you if you do it enough.
  13. Gain knowledge about women and dating. Read books on evolution and human mating.
  14. Read books on how to date. Learn the secrets of pickup artists.
  15. Read men’s magazines for tips. Read women’s magazines for an inside scoop.
  16. Practice approaching women in any and all places. Don’t go in there hoping to score or get a date. Just go in there with the intent of practicing your conversational skills.
  17. Understand what you want in a relationship, what you value, and your life goals, so that you know what you’re looking for in a potential partner.
  18. Meet women at bars and clubs. Be careful, though, as you may not be able to find someone interested in dating per se.
  19. Go to places where women congregate, especially places you enjoy going to. This can give you a head start on possible conversation topics.
  20. Try bookstores, libraries, and cafes if you want to find an intelligent women.
  21. Try to meet women at church, temple, mosque, or any other spiritual place if religion is important to you.
  22. Getting set up by a friend or family member may be an effective way to meet someone. Since you’ll both receive the ‘social proof’ of your common acquaintance, you’ll both know that you (probably) won’t be meeting a weirdo.
  23. Meeting women at work or school is usually effective, but it can be dangerous if the relationship goes sour.
  24. Try speed dating if you’d like to meet a lot of women in a short period of time. At the very least, you’ll gain good practice at interacting with women.
  25. Just hang out with women as friends. You don’t need to treat every woman as a potential date. Instead, focus on having fun, feeling comfortable, and interacting.
  26. Go to other singles events to meet more women who are eligible.
  27. Get good at some skill, like music, sports, magic, writing, etc. Not only will you impress women with the skill itself, but you’ll feel more comfortable and confident, as you know you’ll have a magic bullet to fall back on.
  28. Be ambitious in your career. If you are sitting around all day, why would a woman want to date you?
  29. Be yourself. But also be your best self.
  30. Hang out with your friends. Don’t obsess about women – have a life outside this. In addition, you can use your pals as wingmen to help you talk to women if you do so happen to meet up with some.
  31. Don’t give up! Instead, go out there and work for what you think you deserve. Sitting around all day moping, “I need a girlfriend so bad,” will get you nothing. Success won’t fall into your lap. Be the man that women want by going out and taking what you want!

Have any more ideas or ways? Leave them in the comments!

I Want to Find Love! 10 Ways to Start Dating

“I want to find love!” You’ve come to the right place, to the first step in your journey to find the love of your life – or your love for perhaps the next few days! Whatever your relationship goals, there are some steps that you can follow to improve your chances at finding the special someone that you can spend your time with. Dating and finding relationships are hard work, but it’s work that’s worth it.

One caveat: you can’t leave things to chance. Just by happening on this site, it’s probably true that you know this, even if not consciously. You know that you need to take control of your love life and give it the same effort that you give to other areas of your life – work, play, friends, hobbies, etc. Leaving your love life to the hands of fate is not doing you a great service – you need to direct your own destiny and not allow an external locus of control to take you over. Your first step is education – you need to have the information on how to find love if you want to have a fighting chance – and this article will give it to you. Here are ten ways to start dating and find that magical person so that, instead of saying “I want to find love!” you’ll say “I’ve found love – and it’s wonderful!”

  1. Be clear on your goals for a future relationship. You need to know what you want before you can get it, obviously, so be clear on how serious you want the relationship to be – anywhere from a one night stand to a marriage and beyond.
  2. Improve your external appearance as much as possible. Looks don’t matter as much as people say, of course, but they can certainly disqualify you in certain situations, so make sure to put your best foot forward.
  3. Improve your internal appearance – in other words, your emotional and psychological makeup. If you lack confidence, work on it (as described in other areas of this site). If you need help with your self-esteem or self-image, or if you are shy, do something to change it. The key here is: DO SOMETHING! Simply reading or thinking about it won’t get you anywhere.
  4. Here is the key to meeting someone new: having shared interests. Any way of meeting someone that’s artificial and unnatural will not start you on the right foot. Instead, if you share a built-in connection with someone, it will give you the excuse to have discussions, connect, and build a relationship – moreso than if you had to do it all by scratch. So seek out opportunities to meeting prospective dates with whom you have something in common.
  5. Go to the places where you’ll find dating partners with similar interests. Certainly, it’s possible to meet men and women at bars, clubs, supermarkets, and the like, but what kind of connection will you have with these people right out of the gate? If you love books, however, and you meet someone at a book club or book store, you’re likely to have a connection or shared interest with him or her straight away, improving your chances at turning the interaction into something more.
  6. Meet people online. This used to be somewhat stigmatized, but no more – many people have met people and started successful relationships and marriages on these sites. They work primarily due to a reason discussed above – you’re already ‘pre-qualified’ to click due to shared interests, values, and the like. A great and free site can be found here – sign up and see what happens!
  7. Get set up from friends and family. While this is somewhat antiquated, it will allow you to share something – a common friend. This will give you the social proof necessary to get past the initial awkward stage due to the recommendation of a friend.
  8. Don’t be afraid to be friends with someone first before becoming romantically involved. In fact, you may find this is the best way to start out! You can get to know each other without any romantic pressure and eventually let your partnership grow into something more.
  9. Talk to people and interact with people as much as possible. How else do you think you’ll meet someone? Don’t think that Mr. or Ms. Perfect will just fall into your lap without even trying. Does life ever work like this? You can believe in soul mates and ‘fate’ if you’d like – but at the very least let ‘fate’ put the power into your hands by taking your own action. At the same time, you’ll improve your communication skills and, at the very least, make new friends and have a good time.
  10. Don’t give up! This is the most important step. Believe in your self-worth and your self-respect, and don’t settle for less than that. Of course, you need to be humble at the same time and not expect THE BEST if you are not also in fact THE BEST. Shoot high, and if you miss, you’ll still be successful.

There you have it! Stop worrying, “I want to find love,” and instead go out there and take it! Do you have any more ways? Leave them in the comments below!

17 Ways to Attract Beautiful Women

Many men shoot for ‘average’ when they should be shooting for the moon. Attracting beautiful women, so goes common knowledge, is near impossible for *insert reason having to do with looks, power, prestige, etc.* In actuality, beautiful women may not be so hard to attract since they are approached less often than you may think – for the reason that guys are intimidated by their beauty and status! Thus, you have a chance to attract beautiful girls if you change your mindset. However, you have no chance if you don’t try. Here are seventeen ways to attract beautiful women with more success than you though possible:

  1. Most of your success will be due to your attitude. Make sure you are confident, and build your self esteem if it is low. Beautiful women, or any women for that matter, won’t be impressed by a sissy, weakling, or overly shy person. Be confident in who you are and who she could be with – if she took the chance…
  2. At the same time, looks do matter to a certain extent. The caveat here is that looks mean nothing if you can get a woman to feel a certain way. If you can get her to see you as desirable, powerful, high status, etc. it really doesn’t matter what you look like. However, you can improve your chances by maximizing your looks as best you can. Take care of your hygiene, lose weight, work out, wear nice clothes – maximize your edge as best you can.
  3. Work on and maximize the greatness of your personality. Add complexity, add multiple facets, and don’t be simple and ‘common.’ As Herb Brooks once said – you cannot be a common man, because common men go nowhere. You have to be uncommon. This is perhaps the most critical aspect of how to attract beautiful women.
  4. Project strength and stability. She should believe that she’ll be protected and secure when she’s with you.
  5. Gain some sort of skill – music, magic, foreign languages, whatever – just make it something that will separate you from the crowd in some way.
  6. Project your positive image and approach to your life in your body language and voice tone. Make sure you smile as much as possible without looking fake about it. Your openness will scream “I’m fun!” more than any thing you say.
  7. Demonstrate your ambition in life. Don’t be like those other losers out there content with their lives. If you communicate that you’re always trying to get better, a beautiful woman will sense it and realize that you’re only going to get better from here – so how amazing will you be in a few weeks, months, and years time?
  8. Be a doer, not a talker. Back up your attitude with decisive action. Don’t take crap from people – just walk away and ignore them. Believe in yourself, and go for what you want.
  9. Kill your fears. Don’t worry about rejection – it happens to everyone. You can’t be so obsessed about the outcome of an interaction with one woman. Get over it and move on – that’s the only way you’ll succeed.
  10. When conversing, make sure you actually listen and interact. Don’t just sit there and let her talk – give you input – but don’t steamroll her in the conversation either.
  11. Don’t put up with any game playing. If she seems like she’s going to jerk you around (and not in a good way), stop the interaction and move on. It’s not worth your time or aggravation. You might have to pierce through a ‘shield’ that she’s put up to protect herself from creeps and weirdos, but once you do, she should warm up and become a ‘real’ person.
  12. Put yourself in a position to meet beautiful women. While they can literally be anywhere, you’ll find higher concentrations in certain places, and you’ll have a better chance at getting to know them.
  13. Practice. You don’t get better at anything without doing it a whole lot, so get out there and interact with women, even if they aren’t ‘beautiful’ per se. Hone your approach, communication, and dating skills, so that when you really need them, they’ll be there!
  14. Don’t play games yourself. Be a good, kind, considerate person. Be polite and respectful. Don’t be a doormat, of course, but be a gentleman. Be real and authentic – faking your way through life is ultimately unsatisfying.
  15. Raise your status and demonstrate your heightened status in some way. Show her that you are a catch and that women would love to be with you – so she should be too.
  16. When you finally score that date, don’t go nuts with worry. Dating beautiful women is like dating any woman – just have fun, have a chance to talk and get to know each other, and don’t be clingy or weird. Things will develop from there if you approach the relationship correctly!
  17. Finally, don’t give up! Be as dogged as you’ve ever been about anything and you’ll go far.

Learned the tips? Good. Now put them to work. One place I recommend is the online dating site FindMeLove – it’s free to join, so check it out.

I’m Looking for a Girlfriend: 31 Ways to Find a GF

Down on your luck when it comes to love? If you’ve been frustrated for a while and can’t seem to find a woman who appreciates you, don’t fear. If you have come to this page thinking, “I’m looking for a girlfriend,” you’ve come to the right place. All you need are some seeking girlfriend pointers to get you going in the right direction. Here are thirty-one ways to find a ‘gf.’ Doing even one of these tips will improve your chances. The more you complete, the better overall chance you’ll have, as these methods will work together well and increase their power as you add on more methods.

  1. Take care of your external appearance.
  2. Don’t ignore hygiene. Look your best at all times.
  3. Dress neatly and in your style. If you don’t have a style, find one.
  4. Be confident.
  5. Have strong body language and a calm, composed, and deep voice tone. All of your body language and voice tone should express your confidence and dominance.
  6. Be nice, but don’t be a ‘nice guy,’ i.e. one who does whatever a woman says and is afraid of making her ‘upset’ or ‘mad.’ Don’t be manipulative.
  7. Have a sense of humor. If you don’t have one, develop it.
  8. Learn how to play an instrument.
  9. Make art or write music.
  10. Join a sports team.
  11. Go to the gym and work out – both cardio and strength training.
  12. Eat right.
  13. Learn how to cook.
  14. One of the most basic, but important, looking girlfriend tips is to go where women are.
  15. Go to places that you enjoy going to and try to find women there that share your interests. This will give you some common ground to mine when you are interacting.
  16. Lose weight.
  17. Get a haircut that fits your features and style.
  18. Be yourself, but be your best self. Look to always improve.
  19. Have a good job and be ambitious.
  20. Have money. You don’t need to be totally wealthy to get a girlfriend, but having money will make her feel secure.
  21. Determine what you want in a relationship and go for it. Having this knowledge will determine your approach.
  22. Improve your communication and listening skills.
  23. Approach and talk to as many women as possible.
  24. Make friends with women – even if you can’t date them, you can at least get introduced to their friends.
  25. Read books and stay current on the news so that you have something to talk about.
  26. Watch the latest movies, TV shows, and internet videos so that you stay current with the latest trends.
  27. Have a positive attitude. Believe that you can change, and believe that the world is, at heart, a good place. This is infectious.
  28. Don’t look for her approval. Don’t put her on a pedestal. Instead, be confident in your own importance, and don’t let anyone walk on you.
  29. Get set up on dates by your friends and acquaintances.
  30. Try online dating.
  31. Don’t give up! You will find someone that’s right for you as long as you keep trying.

If you have any more ways, share them in the comments!

15 Ways to Find a Life Partner

The major thing that most people fear isn’t death – it’s actually being alone. Being alone is perhaps a fate worst than death for most people. However, finding a life partner with whom we can spend our life is challenging. Many things get in the way: career, health, and time as external blocks, and our own insecurities, hangups, and issues internally. And when we do find someone who we can stand, often the relationship falls apart because that person has their own issues and problems that drag down the relationship. How then does someone find a life partner with whom they can build a life with? Here are some find life partner tips for anyone at any age and any gender. Use these fifteen ways to find a life partner and you’ll be on your way to a fuller and happier life:

  1. Work on yourself. Improve your looks however you can, whether by losing weight or dressing better. Take care of your external appearance. While your looks won’t clinch or crush your chances, you want to put your best foot forward.
  2. Work on your internal issues and worries. See a psychologists if necessary. Your problems will turn away positive people who don’t want to be dragged down by your baggage. Obviously, you won’t be able to wipe it all away, but you should at least make an effort to understand and manage your problems. When you meet a good girlfriend or boyfriend, she or he will be able to help you, too.
  3. Find out what you want in a relationship. Are you just interested in a fling? In dating? In finding love and getting married? If you are reading this article, you are likely looking for a life partner, so keep that in mind during your search so that you find someone with the same relationship goals. Nothing will damage the relationship’s chances right off the bat if you don’t see eye to eye about what you want in a relationship.
  4. Next, you need to meet people. You won’t likely magically meet your soul mate randomly. You’ll likely have to meet a lot of people in order to meet someone with whom you’re compatible. Staying inside all the time won’t get you to your goals, so trust in yourself, not ‘fate’ or some other external agency.
  5. The best way to meet people is through friends. Being set up and going on blind dates may not sound like fun, but it’s a good way to meet people that have been pre-selected for compatibility by people who know you.
  6. You can also try personals and classified ads in newspapers, though this strategy is far less viable as this method has largely dried up in the wake of online options.
  7. Indeed, give online dating a try. It does not have the stigma that it used to. Sites like and eHarmony have had great success in paring people together and eventually producing marriages and long lasting partnerships. The secret for these sites is that they match you based on a number of factors and questions that you answer when you join the site. This will help you pre-select the people you talk to, meet, and date.
  8. Dating agencies are also quite popular, though they may cost more than other options.
  9. When choosing a life partner, make sure you focus primarily on the values you share. If your values don’t gel, you will likely have trouble forming a long lasting relationship, as the friction that your differing values cause will eventually tear everything apart. You don’t need to see eye to eye on absolutely everything, and nor do you have to share the exact same interests and hobbies, but you must at least agree on the major dealbreakers, for instance money, kids, religion, or anything else that you hold dear.
  10. Work on your communication skills. Be a good listener, and be adept at communicating and sharing your emotions and thoughts.
  11. Don’t misrepresent yourself. Share legitimate photos, be honest about yourself, and don’t try to be someone you’re not. You want to be yourself – but be your best self, of course.
  12. Be prepared to work, not only to find a partner but also to cultivate the relationship into something meaningful. You aren’t “meant to be” in some philosophical sense. Everything requires work and effort – especially our relationships!
  13. Keep an open mind! Though you need to have some standards and requirements, don’t be too rigid, or you could miss a great opportunity to meet someone and grow as a person at the same time.
  14. Cultivate positive qualities. Be honest, have a sense of humor, be spontaneous, and have fun.
  15. Whatever you believe, don’t get stuck on “THE ONE.” There are many people out there who you could spend your life with happily. Be content to find a great one and enjoy your life!

If you have any more ways to find a life partner, leave them in the comments!

Why Can’t I Get a Girlfriend? 17 Ways to Improve Yourself

“Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” If you think this question often, you are not alone. Many guys have struggled with getting a girlfriend and keeping one, regardless of the way they look, act, and compete in the world. If you’d like some reasons, be prepared to face harsh truth – it may not simply be that the world is ‘unfair,’ or that girls only go for bad boys. Instead, the bulk of the reasons may lie within you. Be ready to take an objective look at yourself. This doesn’t mean for you to tear yourself apart; instead, focus on constructive criticism and ways to improve yourself beyond your current status. Thus, here are seventeen potential reasons why you can’t get a girl, and the ways you can improve or reverse those trends to help guide you towards the success you want.

If you’d like to watch a video presentation that will give you the “7 Things You MUST Know Before You’ll Get Laid,” click here!

  1. Start with external appearances. Though this may be shallow, we all judge people’s books by their covers. This is true with women and men. Though looks may not be a dealbreaker for many women, there is a minimum line you must hit in order to be in the game. Are you overweight and out of shape? Do you not take care of your hygiene? Do you not care for your appearance? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are sabotaging yourself before you even start. Luckily, these problems are relatively easy to solve – lose weight, work out, and take care of your appearance.
  2. How are your clothes? You don’t need to wear fancy and expensive gear every time you want to meet a woman. You do have to look presentable though – you may think your ratty jeans and t-shirts say something about your ‘unique’ and ‘independent’ outlook on life, but the only statement they make is a negative one. Develop a personal style and stick to it.
  3. Are you spending time with women? If you sit around your house all day, what do you expect? You’ll never meet a woman if you don’t interact with them. Luckily, there are plenty of places to do this. Start with places you yourself like to hang out. Finding a woman who enjoys the same hobbies and interests as you will really get the ball rolling rather than finding some random woman whom you know nothing about. If you’re having trouble meeting people in person, why not try online?
  4. Improve your attitude. If you sit around all day whining, “why can’t I find a girlfriend,” you’ve probably answered your question if you just look at your own behavior. Stop having a negative attitude, stop blaming the world for your problems, and take control of your own destiny. Have an internal locus of control, not an external locus of control.
  5. A lot of our success and failure in life is due to our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves and our abilities. If you constantly go around thinking, “I can’t get a girlfriend,” then you’re most likely not going to get one for the sole reason that you believe this. To change your outcomes, you need to change your beliefs. This is why having a strong inner game, or belief in yourself, is so important. You won’t go anywhere without this foundation, so repeat positive affirmations every day whenever you can to help reprogram your subconscious for success.
  6. Improve your behavior. Are you a loudmouth? Are you brash? Do you put people off? Are you arrogant or standoffish? Are you abusive in anyway? Be honest with yourself, and ask trusted friends and family for their honest opinions. Then change your behavior to be more caring, patient, humble, and empathetic.
  7. If you are shy, don’t see this as a negative thing. By being shy you are not hurting other people as you would be with the above ‘arrogance,’ but you are hurting yourself by taking you out of the game without even a fight. Learn ways to cope and break out of your shyness. You don’t have to be someone you’re not – you just need to give yourself opportunities to succeed without remaining constantly withdrawn.
  8. How are your listening and conversational skills? If you can’t hold an intelligent conversation, or, worse, you hold a conversation too well on your end, you may need to improve your skills. First and foremost, improve your listening skills. This will bring you 80% of the way in a conversation. The more the other person talks, the more she will like you, strangely enough.
  9. Don’t give up. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so don’t get hung up on one girl if things don’t work out the way you wanted them too. Keep persevering, keep your head held high, and be the best you can be. And don’t give up!
  10. Perhaps you’re boring. Be honest with yourself. Can you talk about interesting things? Can you connect with others? Or are you a shut-in? If you can find someone who shares your proclivities, great, but for most people it’s best if you try to expand your horizons a bit.
  11. Are you in touch with your emotions? If you can’t understand your own emotions, how will you understand hers?
  12. Do you know your goals for dating? If you don’t even know what you want in a woman or in your life, how will you ever find someone to share your journey with? Do some self assessment to figure out where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.
  13. Are you confident? Girls love confidence in a man, so fake it till you make it. Improve your body language and voice tone. Be who you want to be in the way you carry yourself and interact with others.
  14. Do you have too much fun? Or do you not have enough? If you have no ambition, why would a quality woman want to spend time with you? And if you have too much, how will you be able to spend time with anyone, much less yourself? Find the perfect fun/work balance in your life and make sure one doesn’t totally dominate the other.
  15. Do you drink too much or have other bad habits that may be pushing women away? Resolve to improve them and fix what could be ailing you.
  16. Are you funny? Women love a good sense of humor. Work on your comedic skills and timing to increase your ‘wittiness’ and become a better conversationalist.
  17. Be yourself, but be your best self. In order to change, you need to accept yourself. This is paradoxical but true. You won’t know what you need to change without understanding ‘who you are.’ In the end, being ‘who you are’ isn’t something to be proud of. Instead, be the person you want to be IN SPITE of being ‘who you are.’

Have any more ways to improve and ideas on how to get a girlfriend? Leave them in the comments. And be sure to check out this video for more tips and secrets on how to get a girl.

14 Ways to Meet a Single Woman

There are over three billion women in the world – so why is it so hard find a single woman? There are many reasons men struggle to find the women of their dreams, but luckily there are many strategies, techniques, and ideas to help men improve in this area of their lives and find the success and happiness they want. Here are fourteen ways to meet a single woman:

  1. First, you need to work on yourself. There is a balance you need to strike between two poles. The first pole is the advice you hear all the time – be yourself. This is still as true as it’s ever been. There’s no reason for you to change your core being – whatever that is and means – for someone else. You need to find someone who will accept you for who you truly are. However…
  2. You also need to change. Too many guys use the ‘be yourself’ line as an excuse for their failure. They sit around and gripe and moan about how unfair the world is, and how they’re  a catch, and how a single woman only wants a bad boy, and on and on. The truth is, many of these guys need to stop moping and instead work to change themselves. Of course, you need to strike a balance here between change and constancy. Perhaps a good rule of thumb is – be your BEST self.
  3. How can you improve? Well, first you need to figure out where you lack. Be honest with your self assessment, but don’t be overly critical. Luckily, looks aren’t everything when it comes to female attraction to men, so don’t stress if you don’t like the way you look. Rather, do what you can do to maximize your appearance. Follow basic hygiene. Work out and eat right to lose weight and build a good body. Get rest, and manage your stress levels. Dress in your own personal style – whatever it is, just don’t be lazy about it.
  4. Work on your body language and your voice tone. Confidence is key when meeting a single woman, so convey that in your presence.
  5. If you are looking for a single woman, you naturally need to go to the places where you’d find one. This is the first rule of thumb. The number of places you can go are nearly endless, but the overall rule is: go to a place you LIKE to go to, a place that you’d visit even if you weren’t looking for women. This will ensure that you’ll feel natural, authentic, and ‘at home’ in the place you go. In addition, you’ll meet a woman with whom you share values and interests. This is a great way to start conversations and cultivate a relationship that has some staying power.
  6. Some great places to meet single woman are: coffeeshops and bookstores and libraries. Theaters and museums and art galleries. Bars and clubs. Sporting events and sports teams. The gym and fitness classes. Clubs and organizations and volunteer groups. Church and temple and mosque. Through friends and through family. Online dating sites and offline speed dating nights.  If you’re looking for a free online dating site to join, check out this one. Chatrooms and e-mail.
  7. In reality, though, women are everywhere. Don’t make any excuses about approaching a woman and starting a conversation. Almost any time is good, as long as you frame the conversation correctly and don’t look like a creeper. You don’t need the ‘perfect environment’ to talk to a woman – that will never come! Be spontaneous, be fun and funny, and be confident, and you’ll go far.
  8. Meeting a woman at work can have its own challenges. Your company may frown upon or actively discourage it. Even if it is allowed, consider the consequences if your relationship doesn’t work out. Don’t do anything that could hurt your professional and social future.
  9. If you are still in school, you have a gold mine of opportunities. Single women are everywhere you look, and you have something in common with nearly all of them – school! Plus, you can really get to know them if they are in your class and/or if you work on a project together. Parties, social events, and other ways to meet women are also abundant, so there truly are no excuses.
  10. Be mindful of your relationship goals. If you are just looking for a one night stand, or if you are looking for a wife, or anything in between, be clear about it ahead of time. What exactly you’re looking for what you are dating a single woman will affect your approach to the ‘game.’
  11. Once you have met someone you like, don’t blow it by being too aggressive or clingy. Women can sense that negative energy and pull back from that.
  12. On a first date, do something low pressure and fun. It doesn’t have to be dinner, a movie, and flowers and chocolates. Go low stress and low investment for both of you. You’ll more likely pull of a second date than if you go for broke out of the gate.
  13. As David DeAngelo has said, be nice, but don’t be a “nice guy.” Simply doing things for a woman to ‘be nice’ and to expect some sort of ‘reward’ for your good behavior is as manipulative as all the stuff that nice guys complain that the ‘bad boys’ do.
  14. Once you’ve gone on dates, you are in the dating territory. You’ll want to read other resources for that, since this article just gives you the first piece – finding leads! Taking the relationship to the next level requires a different set of skills than simply meeting them in the first place. However, finding a good woman through careful preselection will save you a lot of time and hassle than if you try to meet any woman that you can. Be selective, of course, but you need to also keep an open mind. In the end it’s all about balance.

Have more ideas about how to meet a single woman? Leave them in the comments!