I Want a Friend! 16 Ways to Find Friendship

Among the necessities of life, including food, shelter, and clothing, are relationships. Without someone to express yourself too, lean on, converse with, and depend on, we are as lost as if we didn’t have food and water. This social element of life is crucial.

Sometimes making friends can be hard. For whatever reason, if you want a friend, perhaps you’ve struggled finding one. If you are in a new city or school, it can be hard. If you’ve been burned in the past, it can be difficult to move past previous hurt. Whatever the reasons for your difficulty finding friends, you’re in the right place. Here are some tips for those who say, “I want new friends.” These sixteen ways to find friendship will help you find a true friend who, one day, may even become your best friend:

  1. Be clear on your goal, and write down positive affirmations every day to remind yourself of it. Every morning, take out a journal and write the following phrase ten times: “I want a friend.” This will keep your brain focused on your goal for the day ahead. Thus, if you see an opportunity to meet someone and strike up a conversation, you’ll be sure not to miss the opportunity.
  2. If you are a lone wolf, or think of yourself as one, this is OK! Being an introvert is totally fine – some studies say nearly half the world is. However, you also probably know that being totally lonely is not an option. Don’t be afraid that if you make friends that you’ll have to put in all your time and effort into maintaining that friendship. You can still lead a balanced life and do the things you want to do.
  3. On the one hand, be yourself. Don’t try to change into something that you don’t want to be. This will come off as inauthentic, and the friends you might make won’t be the right ones for you.
  4. At the same time, you should acknowledge the places in your life that you can improve. For example, if you are a negative person, you will have trouble finding friends who are positive, as positive people don’t want to hang out with people who bring others down. Thus, you might have to work on yourself to improve that facet of your life. Be honest with yourself, and examine prior experiences: is there anything negative about yourself that has pushed people away in the past, whether its your appearance, behavior, attitudes, etc.? If so, you’ll want to consider making some changes to prevent this from occurring in the future.
  5. If you have low self esteem or social anxiety or other issues, professional help may be necessary to help you clear through some problems. Eating better, working out, and getting more sleep can help too.
  6. The first step to find a friend is to get out into the world and interact with people. You can find friendship nowadays online in online games like MMORPGs. However, true friendship for many people isn’t virtual, but rather real, so you’ll need to go into the real world to get those visceral, close, one on one relationships.
  7. To make a friend, you need to go to the places where people with your interests and in your age group and demographic hang out. You know what your own interests are, and you know where people with those interests hang out. For instance, if you like books, join a book club or go to the book store. If you like sports, go to a sports bar or sports game.
  8. Join an organization that you like, such as a club or sport or volunteer group. This is perhaps the best way to make friends, as you’ll already have something in common with people. It’s hard to make friends when you have no common ground, as you both have to put in a ton of energy up front in making small talk and testing the waters. However, if you already have common interests, and you are both working on some sort of project or game together, you’ll be able to bond much more quickly through that activity.
  9. Use social networking sites or other internet websites and features. The net can be a sketchy place to make new friends, so be careful of course, but it’s a great way to expand your reach and meet people who are not in your local area. Facebook, Myspace, and the like are great places to start, especially if you already have friends – you can thus meet new friends through these friends.
  10. In the end, it’s all about being social. If you hide in a corner, nothing will happen. You’ll just sit around and be the same as you always were. You need to put yourself out there. It may seem scary at first, but what is truly the worst that can happen? The ideas that you have in your head are probably infinitely worse than what could actually happen, even in the worst case scenario.
  11. Give off a positive vibe. Smile, have open and confident body language, be enthusiastic, and listen to what they say. If you have problems with names, come up with a way to remember them more effectively. Do whatever you can do to come off as a friendly individual.
  12. Once you’ve made an acquaintance, there are a number of things you can do to take the relationship to the next stage. Go out to lunch or to dinner, go out and have fun somewhere, or join something together.
  13. Be a good friend. Support him or her, give them advice, talk, and have fun. Don’t sweat it.
  14. Don’t be clingy. No one like this, and it’s a great way to push people away, as no one wants to be friends with a clingy person.
  15. Choose your friends carefully. You want to make sure that the person you’re spending time with and opening up to is someone who shares your values and beliefs (to a certain extent, of course – diversity and difference is good!). Don’t be so desperate for a friend that you overlook people’s obvious flaws and the ways they can drag you down.
  16. Overall, just have fun, relax, like yourself, and get out in the world – you’ll be making friends in no time!

Getting Over Your Ex Girlfriend: 14 Ways to Move On

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Sometimes good things have to come to an end, and unfortunately for many guys that even means their relationships. For some guys a breakup is pretty obvious, but for others it comes totally out of left field. Regardless of the circumstances, getting over your ex girlfriend can be very difficult for many guys. Here are fourteen ways to cope with your loss and move on to bigger and better things:

  1. Take the first few days to totally let out your emotions. Don’t feel bad for moping or feeling totally depressed. This is normal. Think of getting over your ex girlfriend as recovering from an injury. At first you just need to totally recuperate and process the damage that’s been done to you.
  2. Over the next few weeks, begin to return to normalcy. If you keep dwelling after the first few days, you could do some long term damage, so try to get out and get your mind off the breakup. Granted, you’ll slip sometimes and think about her again; don’t feel badly about it, but don’t encourage the behavior.
  3. Once you’re out in the world again, start focusing your attention outwards. The more time you spend in your head, the harder it will be for you to escape. What you aim your attention to doesn’t matter, as long as it is positive and enjoyable for you. Some suggestions include…
  4. Surround yourself with people you like. Your best buds will be great support for you during this time, as will your family. Let them help you take your mind off your problems. Go out with them to the movies, the bar, the book store – anywhere that you’ll have fun and return to normalcy a bit.
  5. You can also surround yourself with strangers. Meeting new people, especially women, will be an important part of your healing process. You can meet new people anywhere, so get started. It may be hard at first to meet new people, but you should do it. There’s no better way to get over an ex girlfriend than to meet a new partner and get back out in the dating world.
  6. Aside from people, engross yourself in a new or old hobby. Build your skills, learn something new, do anything to get your mind focused externally. Plus, returning to hobbies can help improve your self esteem for when you go back out to meet new people.
  7. Work out. Don’t let yourself sit around all day. Run, go to the gym, play a sport – do anything you can to keep positive emotions flowing. Exercising will keep you depressed, help you sleep, and make you look great for that next special someone.
  8. Don’t contact her or her friends! This is a great way to rip the scab right off the wound. No matter what you do, this will often end poorly, so resist the temptation.
  9. Eat well and sleep well. Take care of yourself. You’re only hurting yourself if you slip into bad health habits and damage yourself even further.
  10. Volunteer and do good for other people. This will get you away from thinking only about yourself and toward thinking about others.
  11. Work or study, whatever you need to do to advance your further prospect. Think towards the future, not the present or past, to keep your head up and moving towards a brighter tomorrow.
  12. Don’t idealize your ex. Getting over your ex girlfriend will be infinitely more difficult if you idolize her as some perfect goddess or “The One.” There are truly plenty of fish in the sea, more than you could ever meet in your lifetime or ten. Focus on yourself and your own positive qualities, not the fictionalized fantasy of her.
  13. When you’re ready, destroy mementos of her and things that remind you of her. Get rid of them – sell them, throw them out, burn them – do whatever it takes to get them out of your presence. They will only confuse you further.
  14. Enjoy your freedom! Be with another woman, enjoy your single status, and just have fun! Your life is well worth living, so get out there and live it!

Any other ways to get over your girlfriend? Leave them in the comments!

Other Resources:

16 Ways to Meet Nice Girls

If you’d like to meet women to date, you have to be careful that you meet the right one. Meeting a woman with whom you don’t connect, or is emotionally damaging, unpredictable, and destabilizing, is worse than meeting no woman at all. Keep your standards high and your spirits higher, as your love destiny is in your own hands. There are certain things you can do to increase your chances to meet nice girls. Follow these sixteen ways and you’ll be sure to have dating success:

  1. Get yourself together first. Make sure you’re clean, dressed nice, and confident. If any of these pieces are missing, you may ‘meet’ girls, but it may not go anywhere beyond that.
  2. Know what you’re looking for in a potential partner. How serious do you want your interactions to be? This will be important to know before you get into something you’re not quite interested in.
  3. Ultimately, how to meet nice girls depends on your values, interests, and moral code. You’ll have a certain, personal definition of what a ‘nice’ girl is, so tailor these suggestions to that definition.
  4. You also need to know where to meet nice girls. Even though there are certainly nice women at bars and clubs, your chances are low of finding a girl that meets your quality standards there. Sure, you’ll get lucky once in awhile, but overall you’ll want to stick to the places where your chances are highest. These include…
  5. Malls. Women love to shop, and if you hang out in particular stores you like, you’ll find women who share your interest.
  6. Volunteer organizations. If she volunteers, she’s probably a good person! Plus, you’ll do some good yourself.
  7. Libraries, book stores, coffee shops – if you like intellectual and brainy women, you’ll want to go to these places.
  8. Church, synagogue, temple – if you are religious (or even if you’re not…), you’re bound to find nice girls here. However, be aware that you may find some who don’t match your values, so keep that in mind when meeting them.
  9. Schools and colleges. This is obvious if you’re a student, but even if you’re a townie (resident of the town), this may be a viable option. Age appropriateness matters, of course, but you may be surprised at the maturity of some dedicated college women.
  10. Online dating sites and offline personals. These may be more hit and miss if there’s no ‘matching’ system put in place, but they are especially likely to find a nice girl if there is a way to match you to potential mates along a scale of values and/or a questionnaire. One site I recommend can be found here – click – and it’s free to sign up.
  11. Restaurants. Striking up a conversation here may be difficult, but it’s not impossible, especially if you know how to approach, and if there is a bar in the restaurant where people hang out.
  12. Gyms and other fitness centers. Women are here working out with some intent to be noticed by men, so why don’t you do that?
  13. Other clubs and groups. The bonus here is that you’ll already have something in common and thus something to talk about when you meet.
  14. Get out there, practice, and put yourself out there. You’re going to screw up, and things might get embarrassing once in awhile, but who cares? You’re only going to get better with women by actually interacting with them. It’s no different than any other skill. Don’t be obsessed with the outcome – focus on the changes and efforts you make to meet your goals, instead, as a measure of success.
  15. Make your decisions about whether to pursue the relationship off these initial interactions. If she seems warm and happy, continue. If she seems standoffish and cold, you may want to eject. However, remember that first impressions can be problematic, so be prepared to be flexible.
  16. Don’t look for perfection. We all have our issues and flaws, and this includes women. However, you’ll know a woman who has a head on her shoulders when you find her, so don’t be too hard of a judge. If you are, perhaps it’s time to look in the mirror and analyze yourself first.

12 Tips for Girls Seeking Guys

Finding a guy isn’t necessarily difficult – but finding the right guy is the challenging bit.

  1. Improve your outward appearance as much as possible. Wear makeup, get nice, fitting clothes, whatever – just make sure you put your best foot forward.
  2. Be confident – this will give you a leg up on the shy competition anytime. Don’t be afraid to be forward.
  3. Consider making the first move. The world isn’t the same anymore, so many of the traditional rules no longer apply.
  4. Go to places where guys hang out and have fun. This doesn’t necessarily mean the bar. Girls seeking guys at bars will usually find a type of guy that doesn’t make good boyfriend material. Instead, try coffee houses, sports clubs, pool halls, bowling alleys, the movies, book stores, art galleries – anywhere where guys gather and give you opportunities to mingle. In addition, try to go to places where you might find guys who have the same interests and hobbies as you do. This is a great way to get conversations going beyond the usual small talk.
  5. Try online dating. It doesn’t have the stigma that it used to anymore, and many men and women are meeting online these days. Online dating is a great tool for girls seeking guys dating because it matches you to men according to similar interests, values, and goals. Thus, you can skip a lot of the duds and misfires that you’d have to wade through if you went through the normal dating channels.
  6. Go out with friends. Though this may scare some potential suitors away, think of it as a nice filtering mechanism – the guys you want to meet won’t be bothered by your team. Plus, you’ll have the confidence and support you need and people to watch your back throughout the night.
  7. A girl seeking guys should be ready at all times. You never know when you could meet Mr. Right. Always be prepared, and never take a day off. Luck comes to she who is prepared, so don’t just rely on pure luck without preparation!
  8. Go to speed dating or other singles events. These are a great way to meet lots of guys at one time and quickly evaluate the best ones that you want to continue to talk to.
  9. Have confident, warm, and inviting body language. Smiles can help your case, as can well-placed eye contact. A guy won’t approach you if you look unapproachable, so make sure you don’t put off any intimidating airs.
  10. He’ll probably want you to talk a lot, but make sure you don’t dominate the conversation. Ask him questions and be interested in the answers.
  11. Know what you like and want in a guy, but be ready to drop those ‘requirements’ if another guy shows up who interests you. Don’t be too rigid – you never know what you could be missing!
  12. In the end, be yourself. Faking it will eventually backfire on you. Of course, you’ll want to be your best self, and put your best foot forward. In the end, though, you need to put yourself out there in order to succeed, so go do it!

14 Ways to Improve Your Powers of Female Attraction

To get better with women, you have to understand how the ‘game’ works. By ‘game,’ we don’t mean to trivialize the interactions between men and women. Rather we want to emphasize that there certain rules and principles that once understood can help you in your interactions with girls.

Now most of this applies to meeting girls in person. If you are doing online dating (which I recommend) a lot of this may not apply. However, once you meet her, it will!

To improve your powers of female attraction, you need to both a) know how to put your best metaphorical foot forward and b) how to recognize and understand the signs of female attraction. Once you have mastered both of these components, you will meet your relationships goals, whatever they may be. If you want to just meet lots of women, or if you want a long-term girlfriend or even a wife, all of these hints, tips, and tricks can help you out. So here are fourteen ways to understand and leverage female attraction to men:

  1. First, you need to learn about female attraction body language. This will be your first key to recognizing when a woman likes you. You often can’t trust what people say, because they have to think too hard about how exactly to phrase it, but body language rarely if ever lies. So learn to ‘listen’ (i.e. see and read) body language and you’ll have an inside look into what a woman is thinking and feeling.┬áThe main pieces of body language that women give off when they are interested in a man are as follows:
  2. If she tosses her head in any way while interacting with you, this is a great sign.
  3. A smile in your direction can be good, but don’t confuse it with her simply being nice or even polite. Check her whole face during a smile to be sure that she truly likes you, as a ‘polite smile’ will only be centered around her mouth and won’t include her eyes, nose, etc.
  4. If she plays with her hair, flips it, tosses it, twirls it, whatever, there’s a good chance she likes you.
  5. Blushing, looking bashful, etc. can all be good signs as well.
  6. Any sort of physical contact, initiated by her, is a great sign, as that means she feels comfortable around you.
  7. If she is looking at you directly for a long period, turning your way, giving you open body language – anything involving her full body and its orientation to you – at the very least she is interested in your interaction and what you have to say.
  8. Laughing and giggling are great signs. If she doesn’t like you now, she will at some point if you can consistently make her laugh.
  9. There are other ways asides from body language to see if she likes you. If she compliments you a lot, this is obviously a good sign. You could also ask her friends to see if they’ve got an juicy info, though don’t be surprised if they’re not exactly forthcoming or truthful with the info they do provide.
  10. Look for extreme variations in her behavior. In other words, if she’s a shy girl normally, but acts flirty around you, that’s a clue. If she’s a very flirty girl normally, but acts shy around you, that’s also a clue. Read the baseline and take note when behavior deviates from that norm.
  11. To leverage this understanding into action, you need to understand female attraction to male qualities like dominance, confidence, and even negative ones like arrogance. Women like a man who is in control of himself, others, and the situation. So whenever you are interacting with a woman, communicate those, both consciously and subconsciously. You don’t want to be 100% dominating, but you don’t want to be timid either.
  12. Get yourself sorted out. Make sure you are in shape – diet, go to the gym, exercise, do whatever it takes. If you don’t like the way you look, do all you can to change it. Buy better clothes. Form a personal style. Do whatever it takes to get you looking and, more importantly, feeling better about yourself. Looks matter to a certain degree, but what matters more is how you feel about yourself, and thus how you project yourself to others.
  13. You want her to pay attention to you, yes, but also keep paying attention to you. Acting like a loudmouth or a buffoon will work for a few minutes, but it’s not sustainable. Instead, master the art of conversation. Make her laugh. Make and maintain eye contact. Be interesting, not boring. Don’t make usual small talk. Instead, talk about fun and funny things. Ask her questions, and really listen to the responses.
  14. Understand what exactly women want, and convey it. Looks are important, but not dealbreakers. They want security, someone to take care of them, someone who listens and cares for them; they want a man who conveys power, either on the surface or deep inside. So convey it!

31 Ways to Attract Girls

Are you lonely? Are you waiting for that perfect woman? Are you tired of having to do all the work to impress a girl and ask her out? Instead, why don’t you unleash your own personal powers of animal magnetism and have girls attracted to you? They will then do all the work of trying to impress you and ask you out. Now granted, these following methods are not ways to pick up girls like you would in a bar. Instead, these are ways to attract girls by unlocking your own inner potential, by becoming the man you want to be, the man you truly are inside. Best of all, you’ll reap other benefits in life – career, money, friendship, respect, confidence, etc. – by following these tips at well, so it’s not just all about women. Here are 31 ways to attract women:

(Note: If you are having trouble meeting girls in the first place, you should try out online dating if you already haven’t. This is a great site – free to join – and quite popular.)

  1. Lose weight by eating right and eating less.
  2. Get a new haircut that fits your face shape.
  3. Join a sports team, or take up a new sport.
  4. Learn a foreign language. If you do, you can date foreign women. Just adds to the total supply of prospective dates. :)
  5. Take up a hobby, like magic, rock climbing, or car racing, and get really good at it.
  6. Become a guru.
  7. Learn how to flirt – it’s the language of love here.
  8. Play music – sing, the piano, guitar, whatever you’re good at.
  9. Write your own songs.
  10. Learn all you can about women, attraction, and dating. There are plenty of e-books and programs out there.
  11. Read a lot and develop your intellectual side.
  12. Volunteer and help out with charities.
  13. Develop your sense of humor. If you can make a woman laugh, you can do anything.
  14. Lift weights and build muscle mass.
  15. Stop looking for ways to attract a girl – a particular, specific girl, that is – and instead focus on the sheer number of potential prospects out there. Don’t get hung up!
  16. Join a club or another place where women will join. You’ll already have something in common.
  17. Learn how to cook. A great home-cooked meal is an awesome first date idea.
  18. Find a circle of friends to be your wing men and/or wing women. You can all push each other to become better at your game.
  19. Get over your fear of rejection and your fear of the approach.
  20. Work on your posture so that you’re not slouching.
  21. Improve the quality of your voice tone. Make it more manly and deep sounding.
  22. Make sure your body language doesn’t scream “CREEP.”
  23. Make money. Sure, this may be somewhat of a cheap method, but it works. Just be careful what you wish for.
  24. Get a lot of girl friends. Not girlfriends. They will tell you what you need to know to attract the ladies.
  25. Wear nice clothes that fit your body shape and style.
  26. In fact, cultivate a personal style that you can be proud of.
  27. Learn how to tease a woman without offending her. The interaction should be playful.
  28. Improve your listening skills. Know when to speak and when to stay silent.
  29. Improve your talking skills. Words are perhaps the greatest aphrodisiac there is.
  30. Learn the ‘rules’ and ‘protocol’ of dating.
  31. Be confident. This is one of the best ways guys can attract girls.

18 Secrets for Finding the Right Woman

Some men want to find a woman, or as many women as possible, but too few focus on finding the right woman. This stress on quantity over quality will eventually come bite these men in the butt – so don’t be this guy! Instead, you need to focus on finding the right woman for you, the woman who will ‘complete’ you, who you can settle down with. Whether you are doing offline or online dating, these tips will serve you well. Here are seventeen ways to find the woman of your dreams:

  1. Work on yourself – be the best man YOU can be, and you will attract the woman you deserve. Why should you expect excellence out of your mate if you don’t expect it for yourself? Respect yourself and your future mate by improving your appearance, social skills, career, personality, etc.
  2. Know what you want. Do you want a fling, or a girlfriend, or a potential wife? Know what you are looking for in a woman in terms of commitment. While much of this article will assume you’re looking to start a serious relationship, many of this same advice applies if you’re looking to find a friend with benefits.
  3. Next, know what you like. This can be hard, sometimes, as we often don’t really know what we want. But, there are some things that you might consider dealbreakers, such as views on religion, money, or politics. In the end, it’s all about values – what do you value, and what do you want your girlfriend or wife to value? Dating can be really tough if you don’t know what you want, so do some soul searching. Still, even with these wants and ‘dealbreakers…’
  4. Keep an open mind. What you think you like, or don’t like, may turn out to be not true once you get out there and meet women. Don’t automatically disqualify someone for an arbitrary reason without getting to know her first. At the same time…
  5. Don’t get hung up on one woman. There are truly plenty of fish in the sea, so getting obsessed with a woman who you think is ‘perfect’ is usually not the best strategy. Most of the time, there are plenty of women like her out there – why dump all your efforts into a losing proposition?
  6. Go to places where women hang out, especially if its places and activities that you like to do. If you want an intelligent woman, hanging out at the library, bookstore, or university may be the way to go. If you like women who appreciate sports, try a sports game or sports bar. Ultimately, finding the right girl is about compatibility of interests. At the same time…
  7. Context matters – if you meet a girl at a bar who is looking to pick up guys, do you really think you could have a relationship with her? Maybe, but perhaps at a later time. You need to understand her motives as well, and don’t misinterpret any signals you think she may be sending to you.
  8. You can also try online dating – it’s gotten much more popular recently. Check out this dating site to start – it’s free to join.
  9. There are some qualities that are important for any relationship, regardless of what you ‘like’ or desire. They include…
  10. Sense of humor. You want a woman who appreciates your humor, someone you can share laughs with. Better still if she can make you laugh regularly. If a woman takes herself, or you, too seriously, it could be a drag on the relationship.
  11. Honesty. Granted, you have to hold up your end of the bargain here too, but honestly in a relationship is crucial if it’s going to go anywhere. Use your instincts – if she seems like she’s playing games, then she probably is, and thus she’s probably not worth your time.
  12. Confidence. This is usually what women look for in a man, but it’s also a great quality for men to find in women.
  13. Looks matter, of course, but again, keep an open mind. Your standards have to match reality, so be honest with yourself – is holding out for the perfect 10 supermodel a real possibility for you? For most guys, no, and in fact it may not even be worth it in the end. Find someone with whom you are personally compatible. Looks fade; relationships shouldn’t.
  14. She has her emotional and financial lives together. You don’t want to play the role of ‘healer’ or ‘fixer,’ as much as your instincts tell you to do so. In the end, these situations usually result in misery for all involved. Better to find someone who is a mature, responsible, healthy adult than someone who needs to do a lot of work on herself.
  15. Trust your gut. If things don’t feel right, or if the do feel right, listen and act based on that assumption. At the same time…
  16. Use your brain. Sometimes our emotions can lead us astray, so you’ll want to use reason to evaluate if the situation truly is what you want.
  17. Get advice from a trusted friend or family member. This will help you avoid tunnel vision, as our own faculties of intuition and reason can lead us astray despite our best efforts.
  18. In the end, have fun! Finding a woman shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be something you enjoy, with a final outcome of your dreams.

I Need a Wife! 11 Ways to Find Love

If you need a wife, guaranteed you’ve probably tried to do everything you could to find one. It may seem like an uphill battle, considering that the dating world can be very brutal sometimes. Well, it’s time to get moving and work for the success you want! You can’t expect just to sit around and have something great happen to you by chance. Take it into your own hands and MAKE it happen. Instead of sitting around thinking, “I need a wife,” stop hoping and start working. Here are eleven ways to find love and meet the woman of your dreams:

  1. First, work on yourself. Sure, the old adage “be yourself” is important, but in the end it’s about being your BEST self. So start working out, eating right, taking care of your appearance, and getting your financial and emotional lives in order. Obviously, this is a tall order, one that will take years of work. However, the key is to get started, so that when you do meet a woman you can show your true self to her and not be afraid of any aspect of your life ruining your chances.
  2. Once you have worked on your appearance, you need to rethink your approach to women. Are you the ‘nice guy’ that every woman should want? Well, get over it. Who cares that you’re a nice guy – be nice, but not a ‘nice guy,’ as that comes with many negative connotations: suck up, doormat, etc. Learn to be your own man first, your own individual, and then seek out a woman. Don’t make the woman ‘complete you’ in some absolute sense, as this can scare her away. If you are doing online dating, this may mean a different kind of approach, but an approach nonetheless.
  3. Next, you need to go to places where women hang out. Your place of work is probably not a great idea, as there can be complications, but bookstores, movies, museums, clubs, etc. are all great places to meet women.
  4. Go out with friends. Safety in numbers, indeed! Don’t think that you’ll meet your dream girl by sitting in your home in front of your TV or computer. This makes no sense. You’ll only meet someone if you go out in the real world!
  5. Leverage your hobby into meeting new people. For instance, if you love to ski, wouldn’t it make sense to meet a woman who also loves to ski? You already have something to talk about, as well as a potential first date.
  6. When talking with a woman, be confident! Your looks don’t matter as much as the way you present yourself. Tell jokes, smile, and don’t be overly aggressive. Feel free to tease her a bit, as girls like when you display that kind of dominance.
  7. Try online dating. This is a very popular avenue for singles to meet these days, as the negative stigma against internet dating has largely worn off. Construct a solid, welcoming, honest profile (with HONEST pictures) and see how that works out. Put yourself out there in any way you can! I suggest this site for your online dating needs – it’s free!
  8. When you get dates, don’t come off as desperate in any way. You will really want the relationship to work out, yes, but if you show any kind of neediness, you’ll scare her off for sure. You need to get beyond what David DeAngelo calls a ‘scarcity mentality’ and instead realize that there are truly many fish in the sea.
  9. See if your friends or family can set you up with someone, even if it is a blind date. This is a great way to meet women because both of you have received ‘social proof’ from friends, so you can be sure that you’re not meeting a weirdo or psycho (most of the time, at least).
  10. Once the relationship gets serious, you need to have a talk to see if you are truly compatible. Do you agree on the major aspects of life, such as money, kids, religion etc.? If not, these issues better be negotiable. Otherwise, there will be real problematic friction down the line.
  11. Avoid any kind of mail order bride service. These rarely turn out well for both parties, and usually the man gets screwed over in some fashion.

Make sure before you commit to your lady friend that you’re sure that you two are compatible and will go the distance. Years later, it would be unfortunate if you cried out, “I need a new wife!” So get started today – check out FindMeLove.com, the hottest online dating site on the web – and it’s free to join!

7 Ways to Save a Marriage

If work, children, money, and other stressors are damaging your once lovely relationship, take heart: all is not lost.With enough information, patience, and effort, even the most damaged relationship can be saved from oblivion. Want to know how to save a marriage? Here are some tips:

  1. Admit that there is a problem and that you want to fix it. You and your partner need to be able to say, “I want to save my marriage,” and mean it. Without commitment from both sides, any expended effort will be wasted.
  2. Take care of yourself first. This may seem a paradoxical way to save your marriage, but it’s actually vitally important for the well-being of the marriage. If you are overweight, sick, depressed, or stressed, you need to improve your own situation. In part, you will do this as a couple, but this also requires some alone time to sort out your own issues. You may need to seek professional help – counseling, medical doctors, personal trainers, etc. – to help you along.
  3. One of the most important ways to save a marriage is to spend more time together. Many couples drift apart as work, family, and personal obligations get in the way. You need to schedule in time for each other like you schedule your other tasks. If this partnership is to be saved, both sides must raise the priority of together time to the “A” level.
  4. Another one of the best ways to save your marriage is to improve communication. Once you are spending more time together, you’ll need to not only DO things, but also TALK about things. Whether it’s about your dreams, fears, or conflicts, communication is critical for healthy relationships. Improve marriage communication and sharing, and the rest will take care of itself.
  5. Spend romantic time with each other. Go on a date, to dinner, to the movies, or some other locale. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy to be effective. Whatever the choice, rekindling some of that magic is one of the most effective ways to save marriage partnerships. If you have kids, consider hiring a babysitter once every two weeks or so to provide you with some free time to pursue your most significant interest: each other.
  6. Do the little things. Not every change has to be a grand gesture. Little gifts, compliments, and the like can remind your partner that you love and think about them. Sometimes relationships can get too comf0rtable, and partners treat each other with the assumption that they will never leave. While this can be true, it will only lead to suffering for both parties. Act like you did when you were dating, and try to win your spouse’s heart back with both actions and words.
  7. Money can be a huge stress to a relationship. Make sure to communicate and plan expenditures, savings, investments, and other financial issues. Being clear on the expectations of your financial relationship can often clear up other ‘issues’ between you that seemed to be so pressing.
  8. For more information, check out this e-course: The Marriage Savior.