How to Act on a First Date

Article Summary:

I remember almost every first date I’ve been on. Some have been great, some have been mediocre, and some have been…well, we won’t talk or REMEMBER those. :)

Anyway, I bet you want to avoid those kinds of dates and instead have a date that can lead to something more in the future. Whatever you’re looking for in the future, there are a few key things you need to do in order to know how to act on a first date and find success.

Go Somewhere Fun & Where You Can Interact

Despite the cliche, dinner and a movie is not the greatest first date. That’s because you’re paying a bunch of money up front for a first date; plus, you won’t have much time to interact during the movie. Instead, keep the date light and fun. Make it focused on you two getting to know each other. A coffee date can work here, or you can do something a bit more interactive, such as bowling. In the end, what you choose should depend on your personalities and interests.

Be Yourself Most of All!

The first thing to realize is that you shouldn’t try to “act” or not be yourself. It will come off as fake and you will probably turn her off. Plus, if it does work, are you going to keep up the facade forever?

In the end, be true to yourself and you’ll have more success in the long run.

If It Goes Wrong…

Despite your best efforts, sometimes the date won’t go well. There’s nothing you can do about it. If the chemistry doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

In these cases, your best bet is to go out there and get another first date. Trying to spend time and effort figuring out “what went wrong” is a waste of time. Figure out what should be different for next time – but HAVE a next time! Don’t get hung up on one woman – worry about how to act on a first date the next time!

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Doing Online Paid Surveys – Real or Scam

We often hear many people advertising the chance to get paid to do online paid surveys. But is this the truth – can you really make money doing this? And is the money really worth it?

These are two different questions, so let’s tackle the first. Yes, it is possible to make money doing online paid surveys. There are certainly some scams out there, especially the ones that claim to give you high dollar amounts, but these are few and far between. There are real ones on sites like Amazon Turk, where you will get paid cents or dollars for your opinion.

But there’s the rub – in general, you won’t make a ton of cash doing these surveys. You’ll make pennies or a couple bucks at most, and the hourly wage will translate into less than minimum wage at times. Thus, it’s possible to make money with paid surveys, but probably not possible to make any kind of living. Of course, if you just want some spare cash, then it might be viable to do this. But think about it – the surveys that will really pay cash will not be administered online. There’s just too much chance for fraud or for poor survey results. Thus, the companies that want real opinions will administer the surveys themselves in real life, or hire companies to do the work for them. Thus, this information will hopefully help you avoid the many scams out there when it comes to building a home business online.

What To Do Now

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3 Passive Income Ideas

The best kind of income is passive income. This is because your passive assets will work for you even when you are relaxing or sleeping. The more of these you build or acquire, the more money will flow into your bank account. You are thus cloning yourself in a sense, and you can scale this up as much as you want to make as much money as you’d like. But the best passive income ideas today are not just stocks and real estate like they once were. In my opinion, the internet will offer you the best passive income out there – here are some quick ideas:

Three Passive Income Ideas

The first idea that I want to tell you is to build up websites. These websites can be monetized with ads, affiliate programs, or your own product. Once traffic begins to flow to the site, you’ll make money without having to touch them again. Of course, getting the traffic coming in the first place might be tricky, but it’s worth figuring out.

The second idea is to do online trading. You can do this with the online brokerages that are out there. It’s better than the old methods of stocks because you can monitor them all day, every day, from the comfort of your home. You can also get software and newsletters and other tools to help you make great picks.

The final passive income idea is to get affiliates to help you do CPA marketing. You can let them do all the work while you broker the CPA deals. This is a great way to pull in cash quickly and easily.

Looking for a Husband? Read This Now

If you are looking for a husband, you’re probably facing a rough reality – there aren’t many great guys out there! And usually, the great guys are already taken. Thus, it can seem somewhat hopeless at times for you to find a guy with whom you’re compatible. Never fear, though – read these tips and you’ll go from looking for a husband to actually having one.

1st – Be yourself. Don’t try to be what someone else or the media wants you to be. You’ll be happier in the end and, frankly, so will the guy. Lying to start off a relationship or interaction is no good, so don’t tread down that path.

2nd – Go to places that you enjoy going to. Bars and clubs, for instance, may not be the greatest place to meet a guy, simply because he’s probably not looking for a wife there, if you know what I mean. But let’s say you meet a guy at a book store, for instance, if you love books. Then you already have something in common with the guy, and this means you can have something to talk about besides the weather or other sad small talk.

3rd – Take action. Unfortunately, most of the time Prince Charming isn’t out there, looking for you and waiting to sweep you away. You have to take action yourself and put yourself out there a bit – meet as many guys as you can and go to as many social events as possible. Meting someone is largely a numbers game, so go out there and take what’s yours.

Building a Home Based Income

So you want to build a home based income, but don’t know where to start. Well, let me give you some ideas that will blow your mind. The key here, though, is that you’ll need to have a computer and access to the Internet. Don’t worry if you have few computer or technical skills to speak of – this method doesn’t require them to start, and you can learn them as you go when you do need some skills to take your business to the next level.

Getting Started With Your Home Based Income

The main way to make money online is to get traffic. You need to get traffic to your sites or send it somewhere in order to make money in any field. Whether you are selling your own products, selling others products, collecting leads or serving ads, you need to have real, live potential buyers to see it. In the end, the money that enters your bank account has to come from somewhere, so that means it has to come from buyers.

There are so many ways to get traffic it will be impossible to list them all here. One of the best ways to get traffic for a beginner is simply to do article marketing. Article marketing means writing a ton of articles on a variety of keywords and topics related to whatever offer you are peddling. The more articles you write – in fact, the more words of yours there are out in cyber space – the better you’ll be and the more money you’ll make.

You can either market your articles on your own website or blogs, or you can use Web 2.0 article directories to host your content. I recommend the former, as you’ll always have this information under your own control.

3 Ways to Make Easy Money Online

Have you ever heard the expression “money doesn’t grow on trees”? This is sort of true – for the most part, quick and easy money is hard to get, unless you’re doing something illegal of course. However, the online world has totally changed the money making game. There are some sources of money online that you don’t have to work too hard to get to. Here are three ways to make easy money online that you can institute today:

Three Ways to Make Easy Money Online

{1} The first way to make quick cash is to use CPA offers. CPA offers stand for cost per action. When a visitor comes to your site and fills in their e-mail address, for instance, you get paid for that e-mail address. Collect enough addresses and you’re making bank!

{2} Another way to make easy money online is to buy domain names and then flip them. For instance, if you buy a domain name for 10 bucks, and then a few months later it gets popular, you can turn around and flip the domain for a huge percentage profit. Of course, this takes some skill and ideas about what kinds of names will be popular or valuable in the future, so it’s not for everyone.

{3} The last easy way to make money online is to sell your stuff on sites like Amazon. The Amazon Marketplace is a wonderful place to sell your goods because you will be reaching hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people instantly and easily. This big market means that you can sell more goods at higher prices.

Five Ways to Get Thin Fast

Want to lose weight but don’t know where to start? Here are five get thin tips that will set you on the straight and narrow.

Tip #1 – Cut out the sugar. Doctors and scientists are finding that sugar – in any form except fruit and milk – is just terrible for you! It over burdens your liver and packs on the pounds. Plus, it screws up your appetite.

Tip #2 – Drink plenty of water. Not only does this make sure you stay hydrated, it also helps you keep control of your hunger and keeps you regulated throughout the day.

Tip #3 – Any kind of exercise is good. Don’t think you have to do the ‘perfect’ kinds of exercise at the perfect frequency and duration in order to see results. The only constant is that you need to actually do something – and if overthinking it is stopping this step, then you’re making a fatal mistake.

Tip #4 – Lower your portion sizes. The best way to do this is to shrink the size of your bowls, cups, plates, etc. Studies have shown that simply serving food on a larger platter will increase the amount people will eat.

Tip #5 – Still enjoy the foods you love. The only difference is that your relationship with these foods should change. They should not be every day foods, but rather treats that you enjoy once a week or once a month. This goes for something like sugar – as a regular food, it’s terrible, but as an occasional snack or treat, it’s totally cool. This will also keep you happy and prevent you from slipping on your diet and overindulging in the foods you’ve been avoiding.

4 Flirting Tips for Men

One of the skills that men have lost is the ability to flirt effectively. For the majority of men, flirting either consists of hiding in a corner, hoping a woman will notice him, to being brash and using dumb “pick up lines.” However, there is a middle ground that is best here – not too shy, but not too obnoxious. Here are four flirting tips for men that will take your game to the next level:

-1- The key is to make her laugh. Sense of humor is an important quality in men – survey after survey of women confirm this. If you’re not a naturally funny person, work on it – it’s a skill that can be improved.

-2- At the same time, don’t be afraid to tease her. If you can challenge her and make her laugh at the same time, you are golden. Obviously, you need to read lightly here – you don’t want to ‘neg’ her too hard, otherwise you are just being insulting.

-3- Be playful. David DeAngelo, for instance, recommends that you treat  a woman like a bratty friend – this puts you in a position of power, plus it’s also funny and playful – the important flirting tips mentioned above!

-4- Practice makes perfect. The more you go out into the field and put this advice into play, the better you’ll get at it naturally. You may think you’re “bad” at something just because that’s the way you are, but in 99% of the  cases you’re ‘bad’ at something simply because you haven’t done it enough. So get out there!

Don’t forget that you can flirt “online” too – check out a great and free online dating site.

3 Ways to Find My True Love

If you want to know how to “find my true love,” then you’ve come to the right website. I have done research for a while on the best ways for someone to find their soul mate or their life partner – their true love – and I’ve come up with the following three ways which are the best when it comes to accomplishing this task:

Three Ways to Find My True Love

(1) The first is to use online dating to find your true love. The reason why online dating works so well in this regard is that you will be matched with people with whom you are compatible. This is opposed to ‘real life’ dating, where it is pretty much a crap shoot about who you get.

(2) Talk to as many potential partners as possible. In many ways, meeting the right person is a numbers game – you need to go through many different people that you don’t work with to find the one that works best for you. Thus, maximize your chances of success and minimize your investment time by taking the opportunity to talk with as many men/women as possible!

(3) Finally, look close to home. Ask your friends and family for help – they know you best of all, so perhaps they will be best able to set you up with someone that you can best match with.

So there you have it. You no longer have to sit around wondering, “how can I find my true love.” You are now equipped with what you need to accomplish that goal – so take action! If you don’t take action, you’ll of course get the same results that you’ve always had – no results at all!

I Need 10,000 Dollars Fast! Is it Possible?

Well, if you went to an average person and said, “I need 10,000 dollars fast,” they’d say to you: GOOD LUCK! And even I have to admit, making that amount of money in a short period of time (legally, of course) will be a tall order. For most people, looking into a loan will probably be the best plan of action.

Still, I don’t want to 100% discourage you – there are ways to make sums on the order of 10,000 bucks. Some people have even made 6 figures or even 7 figures (wow!) in as little as a day. However, they had assets and resources in place to allow them to do this.

That’s why you need to be skeptical when you see sales copy for a product that claims you can make x number of dollars in x number of hours/days. First, the claim could potentially be a total fabrication. Even images that they claim to be ‘proof’ can be easily faked with Photoshop.

The other possibility is that the income claims are ‘real’ but not realistic for a beginner with no knowledge, few skills, no experience, and no online assets (such as websites, traffic, JV partners, etc.).

There are other ways to get 10,000 dollars quick, such as payday loans. But man, those are usually bad, bad deals. The interest alone will crush you, especially if you can’t pay it all back quickly.

Thus, if you need 10,000 dollars fast, is it possible to do it legitimately? Sort of. But don’t count on it. Your best bet is to use real methods to make as much money as you can and hope to make up the difference elsewhere.