Finding Real Internet Business Opportunities

The Internet is like the wild, wild west nowadays. There are plenty of real internet business opportunities out there, but unfortunately there are probably more scams out there than legit ones. Or, at the very least, a grand majority of internet biz opps won’t work for the majority of people. So how do you sort through the truth and the lies? Here are some tips:

The Keys to Finding Real Internet Business Opportunities

The main thing you need to do is use common sense. If someone is offering a ‘push button’ or ‘business in a box system,’ ask yoursself the following questions:

Number one: if this system were so easy, how come everyone isn’t doing it? How come big companies haven’t stepped in and mopped up this ‘easy money?’

Number two: if the system really worked, why would the seller actually sell it? Wouldn’t they be afraid that their handy dandy money making system will become saturated and won’t work anymore? In other words, wouldn’t it just be killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?

The other important thing you should do is look for online reviews. Check forums, especially, because you are more likely to get a better insight into the chatter there than anywhere else.

Be careful just looking for reviews in Google. Unfortunately, many affiliates have come along, trying to sell a product that isn’t great and using fake or insincere reviews to try to suck you in. Thus, always look for double, triple, or even quadruple confirmation before you invest in the product.

Five Ways to Find a Boyfriend

Want to find a boyfriend, but having no luck? Or perhaps you are getting over a breakup and need to find a new guy fast. If you want to find a boyfriend, there are five specific things you can do to maximize your chances of finding a good guy. Here they are, in no particular order. The more you do them, the better results you’ll have.

(1) Ask friends and family to be set up. They often have men they know who are single and looking to mingle. The best thing is that these dates will not be totally ‘blind,’ because you at least have a mutual acquaintance (i.e. filter!) in common.

(2) Try online dating. Many people are doing it these days and finding success. The reason why this works so well is that the little quizzes and surveys you take while signing up for these programs ‘pre screen’ candidates so that you know you will be meeting people with whom you are very compatible.

(3) Go to a club or bar. There are usually plenty of men there who really want to meet someone special, even if it’s only for a ‘night,’ if not for a longer period.

(4) Think about your interests and then look for men at the places you like to go to. This will ensure that you already have a common interest/like – and it can give you something to talk about to boot.

(5) Be aggressive yourself! Many guys are afraid to talk to women, so sometimes you need to be the aggressor, or at the very least broadcast very clear signals that you want to mingle!

The Best Exercise Regime

So you’ve been bitten by the fitness bug, and you want to gain strength, speed, and stamina? Or perhaps you just need to work out to get healthier in order to prevent health problems. Whatever the reason, you need to build an exercise regimen that will help you meet these goals. Here are the three components of the best exercise regime, listed in no particular order.

The Three Critical Ingredients of an Exercise Regime

(1) The first major component of a good exercise program is intensity. Sure, you can lose weight by walking or doing other low intensity workouts, but to really ramp up your results, you will need to do intense cardio and sprints. The best thing about doing this is that you will not have to spend as much time in the gym – shorter, more intense workouts beat longer, less intense workouts handily.

(2) Strength training. Lifting weights is for everyone, regardless of your goals. You don’t have to worry about ‘bulking up’ if you don’t want to – no one will do that just by lifting weights every other day or so.

(3) Flexibility. Too many people ignore this critical component of any exercise regime. This is because stretching doesn’t give as many external results as the other two components do. However, it may be just as important, because your stamina and strength are all dependent on flexible muscles. Being flexible will also help you prevent injury.

10 Ways to Get a Girl

If you are having trouble finding a girlfriend, there is one major tip I can give you: don’t give up! To help you out, here are 10 ways to get a girl that can work for you in the next few weeks…if you put them into action, of course.

My Top 10 Ways to Get a Girl

1. Try online dating.
2. Ask a friend or family member to set you up with an acquaintance.
3. Try speed dating – look for local gatherings in your area.
4. Go to a club or a bar and try to meet women there by buying them drinks.
5. Go to a local book store or coffee shop – women love to hang out there.
6. Walk around a local mall and make it your goal to talk to 10 different women while you’re there. It will be hard at first, but you’ll get better at it and more comfortable over time.
7. Join a gym. Not only will you get a better body and become healthier by working out, but you’ll also find many women there who are working out, and it’s relatively easy to strike up a conversation.
8. Join a volunteer group – you’ll have something in common already, and you’ll be helping out a good cause.
9. Join a club of some kind – again, you’ll already have something in common with the women you meet there.
10. Join a sports team or rock band. You’ll have fun, gain confidence and skills, and you’ll get plenty of girls.

I Need 5000 Dollars Fast! The Best Method

Need 5000 bucks quickly? You won’t get it by sitting around doing nothing. So instead of thinking, “I need 5000 dollars fast,” go out and take action on this method that I describe for you below. It will take some time, and it may not happen automatically, but you will make the money you need.

The first thing to do is: get a computer with an internet connection. You will need both of these to do the following ideas. If you don’t have access to these tools, either use a friend’s system or go to a public library or internet cafe.

The next thing you need to do is go to a site called Textbroker. At this site you can do writing for a living – you will get paid per word. Let’s say that you’re working at the three star level – pretty doable for almost anyone. This means one cent per word. This will mean you will have to do 500 words for $5…thus, you will need to type 500,000 words to get the money you want. Sure, this sounds like a lot, but if you do 5,000 words per day, you will be done in a little more than 5 months. And, if you get a raise, i.e. make more than a cent per word, your profitability will skyrocket. For instance, if you get two cents per word, it will only take you half the time.

So there you go! From “I need 5000 dollars fast” to “I’ve got the money I need!”

What To Do Now

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4 Extra Income Ideas

So you want to make some side income to supplement what you’re already making from a job? You probably have little time to take on special committments, so here are four extra income ideas that don’t require you to commit to a time, place, etc. This will give you the maximum in flexibility while also not minimizing the amount of earnings you can generate through these methods. Some of these ideas are online and some are offline:

Here Are Your Extra Income Ideas

(1) Write online. You can do this whenever, wherever you want. Thus, you will be free to do it at night, during the day, in the morning, weekends, or whenever else you have a spare moment. You will be paid for your output, so you don’t have to put in chunks of hours at a time.

(2) Sell stuff. You can do this offline, such as at a pawn shop or garage sale, or you can do this online, such as through sites like Craigslist and Amazon.

(3) Sell your services and talents. For instance, if you are a great artist, you can sell your works to interested buyers online. You can also take requests and fill them, getting paid for the product in the process.

(4) Finally, do odd jobs for people around your neighborhood. People are always looking for babysitters, for instance, so you can easily make a few bucks quickly by doing this work. Plus, you can combine these methods: while babysitting the kids, do some online writing – the double whammy of extra income ideas!

I Want to Have an Affair! Is This a Good Idea?

You probably have an inkling as to what the answer to this question will be: NO! Let’s just assume for a second that there are no kids in your relationship. If there are kids in your relationship, the choice is clear: you cannot do anything that could potentially jeopardize the order of their lives. Getting a divorce or having a big blowout will hurt your kids more than it will hurt you or your spouse.

So what are the reasons not to have an affair, especially if you are constantly screaming to yourself, “I want to have an affair!” Well the first reason is simply that it’s wrong. We are defined as moral animals not by what we do when people are watching, but rather what we do when no one is watching.

Second, there are better options. If you are having trouble with your spouse or significant other, there are professional services (i.e. therapy) to help you work through your problems.

Third, having an affair would be surrendering or giving up. It would be retreating at the first sign of problems. Instead, you should shore up your pride and learn to FIGHT your desires! This is the true source of freedom in the end.

I hope these three reasons have at least got you thinking about why having an affair may not be a great long term choice. Sure, it may be nice in teh short term, but all that emotion and pleasure you get will pale in comparison to the devastation that will result later.

5 Ways to Find a Girlfriend Online

Do you want to find a girlfriend, but haven’t had any luck in the real world? How about checking online? Meeting a girlfriend online doesn’t have the negative connotation that it once may have had. Here are 5 ways to find a potential mate online:

How to Find a Girlfriend Online

The first thing you need to do is look for places that you like to hang out and see what girls are there. For instance, this could mean forums, chat rooms, blogs, and the like.

The next thing you need to do is see if there are any meet ups within those organizations. Many people off forums, for example, will meet for conventions, sports games, or just general meetups. If they exist, get in there!

Then, once you have met the girl offline, you will have an advantage, because you’ll have plenty of things to talk about. Plus, you’ll already have some social proof – you will be surrounded by mutual friends and it will be a better first meeting than if you went on some random date.

Another way to find women online is to join online dating programs. These are great ways to meet women because of the systems they have in place to evaluate your interests and values. Thus, when you finally interact with a woman, you’ll get to know her very quickly and more easily than if it were a ‘cold’ meeting. One great and free site is FindMeLove – check it out!

Finally, the last thing you can do is Google a girlfriend or mail-order bride. Just kidding! This is not a great method, because even if it isn’t a scam, you will not get much out of a potential relationship.

3 Ways to Get Taller

If you are looking for ways to get taller, look no further. You may think that your final height is etched in stone, but this is not necessarily true. While there are some ranges that you may find yourself in, you can do things to push yourself to the top end of your potential.

Three Ways to Get Taller for Real

(1) The first thing you need to do is simply wait. This is especially true if you are in your teenage years. Some people simply grow at different rates than others, so there’s no need to do anything rash and rush your own development. Doing rash things could actually end up hurting your final height, so be patient!

(2) One important thing to do is to eat nutritious foods, especially protein and calcium, and make sure you get plenty of exercise. This will ensure that your body is in peak condition and taken care of properly. A body that is malnourished will not meet its physical potential, so make sure to fill in the blanks.

(3) Do special exercises. There are exercises out there that will help you gain inches as long as you do them consistently. They are better than height increasing surgery, even though they act slower, because you don’t have to spend tons of money to get the change and you won’t have to deal with the pain of the process. Simply do a Google search for height increasing exercises to find more information on this topic.

I Need 1000 Dollars Fast! Quick Ways to Get Paid

If you need to make a grand quick, there are more ways at your disposal than you know. But the key here is to take action – if you don’t do anything with the following information, you will not go anywhere with your efforts. Thus, stop complaining, “I need 1000 dollars fast,” and actually go out there and do something about it. Here are three methods:

1) Sell anything you’ve got in your house online. Use sites like Ebay and Amazon to reach a huge audience of buyers, many of whom will want what you are selling and will be willing to pay big bucks for it. Unfortunately, really popular books and other such stuff usually doesn’t sell well – it’s the really nichey and rare stuff that fetches the most coin.

2) Do services for people online. This depends on what you’re good at – if you’re a writer, sell your words. If you’re good at computers or web design, sell your expertise. If you are an artist…well, you get the picture.

3) Set up blogs and make money off the advertising. This may not be the quickest way to make money ever, but I include it on this list because it’s just so darn lucrative. This is because you can make money in the long term instead of just the short term – imagine making thousands of dollars a month on autopilot! This is what a well-created blog can do for you.

Well, there you have it! Now go take action and cease saying “I need 1000 dollars fast”…until you need another grand, that is!

What To Do Now

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