Doing Online Paid Surveys – Real or Scam

We often hear many people advertising the chance to get paid to do online paid surveys. But is this the truth – can you really make money doing this? And is the money really worth it?

These are two different questions, so let’s tackle the first. Yes, it is possible to make money doing online paid surveys. There are certainly some scams out there, especially the ones that claim to give you high dollar amounts, but these are few and far between. There are real ones on sites like Amazon Turk, where you will get paid cents or dollars for your opinion.

But there’s the rub – in general, you won’t make a ton of cash doing these surveys. You’ll make pennies or a couple bucks at most, and the hourly wage will translate into less than minimum wage at times. Thus, it’s possible to make money with paid surveys, but probably not possible to make any kind of living. Of course, if you just want some spare cash, then it might be viable to do this. But think about it – the surveys that will really pay cash will not be administered online. There’s just too much chance for fraud or for poor survey results. Thus, the companies that want real opinions will administer the surveys themselves in real life, or hire companies to do the work for them. Thus, this information will hopefully help you avoid the many scams out there when it comes to building a home business online.

What To Do Now

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