8 Easy Ways to Make Money

In good and bad economic times, everyone is always looking for easy ways to make money fast to supplement or even stand-in for a part or full-time income. Luckily, with the growth of the internet, more options are available to people than ever to accomplish this goal. Even with the internet, though, some ‘real life’ options can still also be lucrative, so don’t immediately go to your computer! Here are some easy ways to make money that don’t require huge amounts of time, capital, or skill. The first half of the ideas are “real life,” no computer required ideas; the second half are “online only” money making ideas:


  1. Have a garage sale to sell all your old goods. You can pull in an easy grand with only a couple days work, as long as you set up and market your yard sale properly.
  2. Start a part-time business out of your house. Use your talents, whatever they may be, to come up with services or goods you could provide for others. Perhaps you’re a great baker, knitter, or writer, and you can provide these goods to people in your spare time. Or perhaps your greatest asset is your free time: consider pet sitting, house sitting, babysitting, or daycare.
  3. Collect people’s junk and either repurpose or resell it. For instance, many people leave furniture at the curb that, with a few repairs, can be resold for some quick cash. You could also try collecting scrap metal and selling it at a salvage yard. You’d be surprised at how much money you could get from what appears to be junk.
  4. Find a part-time job for some supplemental income. Even 10 hours a week could add a good chunk of change to your pocket every two weeks. You could also pick up random jobs around your neighborhood or town. Be creative – mowing the lawn, house sitting, shoveling snow off driveways – use your time and talents to your advantage!
  5. Return cans and bottles to get back the 5 cent deposit (if your state participates in this program). In general, try to collect spare change, both lying around your house and in whatever places you see it in public. (Don’t steal, of course!)


  1. Sell stuff online. Craigslist, Amazon, Ebay – the options to sell everything from cars and furniture to books and movies on the internet are nearly endless. Best of all, your market turns from local to global with a few clicks of a mouse. For example, those niche books that you have sitting unused on your shelf may not fetch much at a local book store or garage sale, but you may be able to score top dollar from someone online who knows their true value. This is one of the easy quick ways to make money, as you can often get paid directly into your Paypal account for quick withdrawal.
  2. Do freelance writing. Many websites like Textbroker, Demand Studios, Bright Hub, The Content Authority, Elance, and others pay writers just like you to write up articles for clients on a variety of topics. If you have a liking and flair for writing, you may be able to make ends meet with this idea, one of the easy ways to make money online. Best of all, many of these sites pay weekly or biweekly, lowering the amount of time you have to wait for your cash.
  3. Another easy way to make money online is to use other freelancing services besides writing companies. One example of these is Mechanical Turk. Run by Amazon, this program allows “Turkers” to complete “human intelligence tasks” (HITs) for clients for compensation ranging from .01 a task to 5.00 or more. Though you won’t make a ton of money very quickly, you can make spare change here and there for minutes of your time. There are tons of other services out there like this. Again, the general theme is: what are your talents? Who is looking for your abilities out in the world? And how can you connect your services with their needs? The internet is usually just this way.