How to Get a Girlfriend Fast

Article Summary:

  • I was desperate to find a girlfriend…and then I learned what I was doing wrong.
  • Be nice, but don’t be a “nice guy!” Get yourself out there; don’t hide inside.
  • Learn where to meet a girlfriend anywhere, anytime

I’m happily married now. But it was just a few short years ago that I was alone, with few prospects for a date, much less a girlfriend.

However, in a mere few months, I changed my attitude and approach to women, and this resulted in me meeting my future wife.

What was it that changed during those few months, and how can it help you learn how to get a girlfriend fast?

Too Much “Nice Guy”

Have you ever heard: you’re such a nice guy! But then you don’t get the date?

Have you ever wondered why this happened, and how you could get out of this never ending pattern? This was something that always happened to me, and I blamed it on almost everyone else instead of looking in the mirror to discover why I wasn’t having any success.

The truth of the matter is that being a “nice guy” is no recipe for any kind of success. And by nice guy, I simply mean a guy who will let a woman walk all over him in hopes of “impressing her” or “winning her over.”

The fact of the matter is that this kind of behavior is just as manipulative as the behavior of the “bad boys” we hate so much. So it was time for a different approach, once I realized this – because if something hasn’t work previously, why will it continue to work in the future?

My New Approach to How to Get a Girlfriend Fast

What I did was to have more pride and confidence in myself. I let go of the ‘scarcity’ of finding that “one, perfect woman” and instead decided to meet a ton of women.

In fact, besides my new attitude with women, my most important breakthrough was simply getting out there and meeting a ton of women. In the end, the dating game is a numbers game, so we need to get out there to truly meet the right woman for us.

This approach, together with my new found confidence, made me find a girlfriend and a lover in no time.

Let’s Get Started NOW

Are you ready to change your life and get the girlfriend you’ve always desired? Well then think about what I’ve written in the article above. Learn to take confidence in yourself and to stop being the pushover “nice guy.” And get out there, whether offline or online, and meet women. In fact, I’ll leave you with one last hint: check out this site where you can meet girls for free.