How to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

Article Summary:

Breakups are hard. I remember all of mine vividly, even though I’m in a happy relationship right now. They just take over your life somehow, and you can’t think about anything else about the person.

We want nothing more than to know how to get over your ex girlfriend…and here are a few pieces of advice that I’ve gleaned over the years.

Take Action to Cause Distraction

The most important tip is to keep yourself busy. If you focus on how much you miss your ex all the time, and if you just sit around moping, you’ll be stuck in your own personal hell.

What will distract you will depend on your likes and dislikes. The key is to focus on positive things – hobbies, fun and games, time with friends and family. Nothing should remind you of your ex girlfriend to ensure that you stay focused on the positive. HAVE FUN!!

Focus on the Future and Self Improvement

Life will go on with or without your ex, so it’s time to start planning for it. The best thing you can do is start looking forward to the future.

One way to do this is to focus on improving yourself. Especially if there’s something that your ex criticized you for – you can work on that and then shove it in her face when you’re awesome :)

The key is to focus on YOU, not on someone else, and certainly not on her. Totally ignore her and she’ll wonder what’s going on. Then she’ll discover how much you’ve improved and will regret giving you up in the first place.

Meet New Women!!

This is the most important piece of advice for how to get over your ex girlfriend. Just like World War II got the US out of the Great Depression, getting a new woman can get you out of your own depression and funk.

Of course, you could go the traditional rebound route, but don’t discount a real relationship just yet. You’ve got a lot of options out there, especially if you add in the availability of online dating.

So put yourself out there again and rediscover why YOU DA’ MAN!