How to Make 500 Dollars Fast

Need cash? Are you sitting around wondering, “How can I make 500 dollars fast?” Well, that’s probably why you entered that query into Google. Luckily, you’ve stumbled on the right place. This article will tell you how to make 500 dollars fast – if you listen! Here are four ways to do it; try them out and let us know how they go in the comments below!

(1) The first way to try to know how to make 500 is to do surveys and contests.

(2) Do part time work on the internet. The best way I know of doing this is to do online writing. There are a lot of sites that will pay you per word for the service of your typing. You simply pick the topic that you want to write about (the choices are limited to what people will pay for), and then you simply write the amount of words required. I’ve made nearly $20-$25 an hour while doing this online writing gig, so it can be quite lucrative.

(3) Sell your stuff on Amazon. This is perhaps the sneakiest method on how to make a quick 500 dollars, simply because you have a bunch of stuff lying around your house that could undoubtedly make you a nice bunch of cash as long as you put it up on the site. The strange thing about this method is that things you wouldn’t expect would earn you much money usually turn out to be the most valuable, so don’t discount anything you’ve got lying around before checking out the price!

(4) Finally, try doing freelancing online. There are plenty of online freelance sites out there, such as Elance and Odesk, that will give you chances to work for other people in a freelance capacity; this can mean a quick buck for you, especially if you’ve got skills in demand.