I Need 10,000 Dollars Fast! Is it Possible?

Well, if you went to an average person and said, “I need 10,000 dollars fast,” they’d say to you: GOOD LUCK! And even I have to admit, making that amount of money in a short period of time (legally, of course) will be a tall order. For most people, looking into a loan will probably be the best plan of action.

Still, I don’t want to 100% discourage you – there are ways to make sums on the order of 10,000 bucks. Some people have even made 6 figures or even 7 figures (wow!) in as little as a day. However, they had assets and resources in place to allow them to do this.

That’s why you need to be skeptical when you see sales copy for a product that claims you can make x number of dollars in x number of hours/days. First, the claim could potentially be a total fabrication. Even images that they claim to be ‘proof’ can be easily faked with Photoshop.

The other possibility is that the income claims are ‘real’ but not realistic for a beginner with no knowledge, few skills, no experience, and no online assets (such as websites, traffic, JV partners, etc.).

There are other ways to get 10,000 dollars quick, such as payday loans. But man, those are usually bad, bad deals. The interest alone will crush you, especially if you can’t pay it all back quickly.

Thus, if you need 10,000 dollars fast, is it possible to do it legitimately? Sort of. But don’t count on it. Your best bet is to use real methods to make as much money as you can and hope to make up the difference elsewhere.