I Need 3000 Dollars Fast! 22 Ways to Make Fast Money

From http://www.freefoto.com/preview/04-28-50?ffid=04-28-50.For whatever reason, if you’re reading this page you probably need to get money quickly. Whether it’s for bills, an unexpected expense, or anything else, the urgency may make you scream: “I need 3000 dollars fast!” Short of robbing a bank, how do you make that money in relatively little time? If you are looking for some methods to make quick money, never fear: here are twenty ways to make money fast and, importantly, legally:

  1. Think in terms of value. You won’t be able to make money without offering value to someone in some fashion. Whether it’s a product or service that you provide, or assurances to pay back the money later, with a little interest, you have to offer something in exchange – you won’t get money for free or for nothing.
  2. How quickly do you need this money? This will affect the strategies that will be at your disposal. In the following ways, the ones that take the longest will be at the top, while the ones that are more immediate are towards the bottom of the article.
  3. First, try to make money online. This is perhaps the quickest and least expensive way to make money today, because all you need are your skills and your computer. There are many ways to do this, almost too many to count, so you’ll need to find a guide to help you learn.
  4. Do surveys and opinion polls online. You can get paid cash or prizes for your help. There are also ways to get free products and other prizes. Here’s an example of a survey that can earn you some money (details apply).
  5. If you are wondering how to make 3000 dollars fast online aside from these sites, consider freelancing. What kind of skills do you have, and could offer, to those who have a need? For instance, if you are a web programmer, design websites for people. If you can write advertising copy, offer your services there. Think creatively to think of the best ways you can help others online and get a quick profit. Who knows – if this works out well for you, you could try making it into an online business.
  6. Do you use Facebook? Why not monetize the time you spend on this popular network. Social media is the next big thing, so you can be the next to jump on this fad. While these marketing and business ideas are still being developed, there are some systems and ideas out there to help turn your Facebook time into cash.
  7. If you get really good at the online game, you can try to sell domains online. This only works if you know how this business works, and if you can anticipate what the most popular domains will be, but it’s a great way to make quick coin once you do master the system.
  8. You can try a quick stock flip – as long as you know what you’re doing, of course, as you can quickly lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing, putting you even more in the hole. For instance, if you get a tip on a penny stock, you could double your money – or more – in short period of time.
  9. Try selling stuff you have, either offline or online. Offline you could sell your gear to friends or family, or you could hold a garage sale to make quick bucks. If you sell your stuff online, there are plenty of sites that you can put up free or cheap ads for anything from furniture to video game systems. Try Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist.
  10. You can find old stuff or used stuff at garage sales, junk yards, pawn shops, libraries, and so on. You can then refurbish the stuff (if necessary) and resell it for more than you paid for it. This works especially well if you have certain skills that will make the process go smoother and more effectively – for instance, if you can refurbish computers quickly, you will have a nice little business on the side. Think of what skills you have and what you may be able to do with those skills.
  11. What can you do well? If you are good at something, you may be able to monetize it. There are a lot of ways to do this, and it ultimately depends on what you can do, but think it over and be creative.
  12. Indeed, if you are good at something, why not try to teach it? For instance, if you are a musician, offer lessons to those who want to learn your instrument. You can put up your ad for free on Craigslist and make a bundle, as long as someone’s looking for your talent, of course.
  13. Reduce your expenses. This is an interesting way to earn money, as you’re not technically earning it. However, if you cut $500 out of your budget, the result is the same as earning it – an extra $500 in your bank account.
  14. Find old junk and resell it, or fix it up and resell it. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure, so you’ll never know what you will find in dumpsters or on the side of the road. There are also plenty of sites where people are giving stuff away for free, like Craigslist and Freecycle, and with some TLC these products can turn into quick cash.
  15. Borrow money from your friends and/or family. This can be risky for some, as you don’t want to damage relationships in the process, so make sure you make it as formal as possible – contracts, interest, payment schedules, and the like. Otherwise, this is a great way to get an instant and cheap loan.
  16. Borrow against your retirement accounts. This is more aggressive than borrowing from friends, as you are directly hurting your financial future. Make sure there are no penalties for doing this, too.
  17. Get another credit card. Now we are getting into the risk section, because you don’t want to take on more debt if you don’t have to, especially if you need to get 3000 bucks in order to pay off some debt. However, if you are looking for how to get 3000 dollars fast, this may be your only option.
  18. Do odd jobs for people to make money. Mow their lawn, clean their house, wash cars, babysit – the people you know may have things that they need to get done and are willing to pay someone else – you! – to do.
  19. Indeed, a part-time job, if you can get one, can be a reliable way to make money fast (details apply). Of course, it’s best if this job is ‘off the books,’ otherwise you will have to deal with paperwork and other aspects of the job that will slow down payday.
  20. The most extreme option, and thus one you should avoid at all costs, is getting a payday loan. In the most extreme circumstances, this may be possible, but don’t do this option lightly. In addition, be careful about who you deal with – there are plenty of nasty companies out there who prey on people in need. The wrong loan could cost you thousands of dollars in interest on a $3000 loan! Always work with groups that follow the rules, and find out your rights by doing research beforehand. However, if you need quick money, this is perhaps the way that’s most guaranteed to work.
  21. Don’t get the money at all. Perhaps there are other ways to meet the obligation that you are facing. If it’s something frivolous, just don’t do it – it can wait! If it’s something serious, perhaps you can restructure the payment to delay it and give you more time, or perhaps you can offer something else for it instead. Do whatever it takes to get the best deal for you and your family, given the circumstances.
  22. Always be careful when using any of these methods. Don’t mortgage your future in a risky way to get quick money, especially if it’s for something frivolous like a car or entertainment system. You might have to take risks if you need to make money for bills, but be sure they are the right risks.
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