I Need 500 Dollars Fast! 3 Ways to Make Cash

Let’s say that you need a certain sum of money – let’s imagine 500 dollars. “I need 500 dollars fast,” you are probably thinking, “but have no idea of legal ways or legit ways of doing it!” Well, never fear, because I have some quick suggestions for you that can get you going. Luckily, 500 bucks isn’t that much money in the grand scheme of things. Thus, here are three ways to learn how to make 500 dollars fast:

1) Try Fiverr. Fiverr is a job site where you can post tasks that you will do for people for 5 bucks. There are many of these tasks out there in a variety of topics, so you can really let your creativity sing here. The only thing to realize is that you will only get 4 bucks per gig after Fiverr takes its cut – this 20% cut can hurt more than you think.

2) Write online. This is the best way to make quick money, especially if you are a good writer. Simply write on the topic you are assigned, or pick a topic that people want to buy articles on, and write your 400-500 word article (or whatever length that is requested). You will quickly make some good money as you will usually be paid per word. If you are a fast typist, this can be quite lucrative.

3) Sell stuff. If you have books and other media lying around unused, try selling it online. You might be surprised at what prices your ‘junk’ will fetch – others may actually have a demand for it, and if it’s rare, you win!

So there you go! Stop thinking, “I need 500 dollars fast,” and go ahead and take action!

What To Do Now

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