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If you need to make money now, you obviously know that you have relatively few options at your disposal. The less time you have to work with, the fewer options you’ll be able to utilize to make money quickly. However, I do know of three ways to make money quickly, perhaps in a few days. However, these methods do require something: time, skills, assets, effort, or some combination of the above.

Watch Out for Scam Artists

First, some things to avoid: There will be plenty of people out there looking to take advantage of your need, so be careful about the opportunities offered by certain people that may sound too go to be true. For instance, there are plenty of offers out there for ‘push button software’ that will make you thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye using some sort of ‘software’ or ‘script.’ Obviously, this is a bunch of BS.

In addition, be careful with the payday loan or cash advance options that are out there. The interest rates and fees associated with these options can be crippling months and years down the line.

Instead use these three ways to make money right now – they are methods primarily associated with the Internet, as they are the only ones I know about. Realize, however, that your options are limited if you can’t extend your time requirements.

Three Methods for Those Who Need to Make Money Now

(1) Online writing. Check out Textbroker, The Content Authority, or Demand Studios. Demand pays twice a week, Textbroker and TCA pay twice a month. This is a great way to make quick monhey, as you’ll get paid per word, and can thus scale your efforts to how much you need to make to meet your obligations.

(2) Sell your services. This is perhaps the best way to make money quickly. The only catch is that you’ll need some sort of skill that you can leverage to make the money. For instance, if you are a good transcriptionist, or you speak another language, or you are skilled with computers or web design, you can quickly make a few dollars by advertising your services on forums, microworker sites, and elsewhere. You can get paid by PayPal and then have that money directly transfered to your bank account within a few days. The sites you should visit will depend on your skills, so do a little digging, but also post your credentials wherever you can.

(3) Try microworker sites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This may be a last ditch effort for you, as you won’t make much per hour. But at the very least it’s a way to make some extra cash quickly, an especially important outcome if you need to make money now. You get paid per task; these tasks include surveys, data entry, labeling images, and more. It’s all very easy and requires few skills, but you’ll only be making $6-$7 per hour. Still, for work at your computer, it’s not bad.

What To Do Now

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