5 Quick Ways to Lose Weight

When trying to make an important change in our lives, we should never solely seek for the ‘magic bullet’ to bypass all the work that will surely be required to meet our goals. Losing weight is no different. Magic bullets don’t exist, and some of the claimed miracle diets and weight-loss programs can actually do more harm to your health than good. This doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t look for the best weight loss techniques and ideas to speed up and maximize our progress – in other words, quick ways to lose weight that aren’t harmful and actually work, as long as they are completed within a sensible diet and exercise program. Some of the following ways to lose weight quick may seem paradoxical, but therein lies their power!

  1. Lower your portion sizes. It’s important to relearn your body’s “full” signals. Eating until your stuffed is only good on Thanksgiving and other special occasions – it should NOT be a daily practice. Instead, eat until you are “satisfied.” While there will be some variation among people with this, the one agreement between them is that ‘satisfied’ occurs well before ‘full.’ Lower your portion sizes and target “satisfied” – and you can even throw in your favorite foods into your diet when you learn how to do this, because your overall calorie consumption will be lower.
  2. Eat 5 or more times a day. This may seem to be a paradoxical quick way to lose weight, but in fact it’s not. First, by five meals, we don’t mean five HUGE, dinner-sized meals. By ‘meal’ we really mean ‘snack.’ Eating five to six meals of approximately 200-300 calories each will keep your metabolism roaring throughout the day. If you go long periods without eating, your body goes into starvation mode, and lowers your metabolism, decreasing the calories burned and increasing the calories stored. Eat regularly and smartly and you can transform your body into a furnace.
  3. Drink lots of water. Not only will drinking water make you feel more “full,” but your body will operate better and more efficiently if it is hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is probably one of the best quick and easy ways to lose weight because your body will flush out the toxins and waste products if you drink a lot of water. As your bloating goes down, you might actually LOSE water weight (and look slimmer, less puffy, etc.) as you drink enough of it during the day.
  4. Treat yourself once a week. Since this will be a long term life change, you will need to make it sustainable. Totally abstaining from your favorite foods – in fact, from simply enjoying what life has to offer – is usually not sustainable without superhuman stores of willpower. Instead, treat your body (and, more importantly, your mind) to your favorite meal once per week. Don’t go overboard and pig out, but a sensibly sized treat can go a long way to curbing your hunger and your desires. Plus, it keeps your metabolism off balance, as the sudden influx of calories will fire it up for the week to come.
  5. Exercise, even walk, for 30-45 minutes a day. Not only do you lose calories while performing the activity, but you even burn EXTRA calories throughout the day after your workout as your body recovers from the exercise. Thus, you turn your body into an efficient, fat-melting machine before, during, and after exercise. Coupled with your improved diet habits, you’ll lop off calories every day, one of the most important quick ways to lose weight fast.