The Best Ways to Meet Single Women

Article Summary:

  • Avoid the cliches – bars, clubs, and the like – unless you are really into that scene.
  • Go to places that you like to go to and that have activities – you can get to know someone organically.
  • Don’t forget online dating; here is the last dating site you will ever need.

Many years ago, I was a frustrated guy who didn’t know how to meet women. Even worse, I didn’t know where┬áto meet women.

I was sick and tired of it, so I decided to really get this figured out. One of the things I figured out wast he best ways to meet single women, and I’ll share some of those ways with you right now.

Long story short: they worked for me. I’m happily married now. :) Here we go…

Avoid the Usual and Cliche Approaches

In general, I had no luck with the bar, club, or party scene. It didn’t really fit the kind of woman I was looking for, and it all seemed so fake to me.

This also applies to “pick up lines” and trying to meet women in “cold opens” on the street or at the store. Most of the time, women just want to go about their business, and they don’t want to be bothered by some random weirdo.

Thus, we need to think differently about where we can meet these women and put ourselves in the running to get a date with them, or at the very least get their number or e-mail.

Where We Need to Go to Meet Single Women

The best luck I had was going to places that I already “liked” to go to. For instance, the book store and the library worked well for me because they were places I already liked going to. I didn’t have to pretend to enjoy myself like I usually did at the bar or the club.

Best of all, I already had built in things in common with her, seeing that she was at the same place I was.

This also goes for all kinds of clubs, organizations, and joint hobbies. You can get to know people in an organic, authentic, and real way. You don’t have to put on airs or try to “pick” her up. It all works naturally, and natural is where it’s at. ;)

You Can Also Try Online

Online dating has also gotten much more popular recently. I’ve had a little success with it, but not as much as some other people I know. I know three other couples who have met online and gotten married or engaged. Even if you’re not looking for that level of commitment, you can at least ‘test the waters’ and maybe find what you’re looking for. A site I recommend is Find Me Love, a free dating site.

Good luck with your quest. The key is to just get out there and do it! The more you think about it, the more pressure you’ll put on yourself. Just get out there and have fun.