6 Ways to Stop Drinking

Many people enjoy drinking with friends or to relax after a long days work. But for others, drinking is more a nightmare than anything else. Alcoholism and its related diseases and accidents cause much misery in households across the United States and the world, and many people look for ways to stop drinking. Even if you are not an ‘alcoholic’ per se, and you just want to reduce what you see as a bad habit, these tips could be helpful for you as well. If your problem is severe, you will want to see a doctor for your problem, as he or she will direct you on eliminating your alcohol habit given your medical and psychological situation.

(Note: This advice is for entertainment purposes only. Consult with professionals before you act on any major changes in your diet or lifestyle.)

  1. The easy way to stop drinking is to reduce your intake over time. Note your daily intake of alcohol, or how much you drink at social events, and reduce the amount by one drink a day/session each week. You will thus habituate your body to this lower amount of alcohol, and psychologically the change will be easier to handle. Gradual reduction in your intake will help you stick to your new behavior. Total elimination of your alcohol habit is not necessarily required, depending on your addiction to it. Many studies have found that imbibing one drink a day (one beer or glass of wine) can yield health benefits.
  2. Get a system and get support. There’s plenty of information out there for people who need to stop drinking now. For instance, check out this program that can help you create an alcohol free social life.
  3. Write a journal or log of your drinking. Communicate to yourself (and others!) why you want to stop drinking. The way to stop drinking is to understand exactly why you want to change this behavior. You may find reasons through your own reflection or from the advice of friends and family. In addition, writing your goals down will help you follow through with them, especially if you rewrite them every day. Studies have shown that people who write their goals are much more likely to succeed than those who don’t.
  4. Watch how, when, where, and why you drink. Perhaps you drink too fast, and can’t keep track of how much you drink, or perhaps you only drink with friends, at bars, or when stressed out or sad. Being aware of the circumstances of your habit will help you identify the trigger to this behavior. Once you identify the trigger, reduce its prevalence or its impact on you. This is one particularly easy way to stop drinking, because if you eliminate the cause, you wipe out the effect.
  5. Drink something else instead of alcohol. Find another beverage, like soda, juice, water, or sports drinks, that you can drink in social environments or whenever the alcohol trigger fires. Soda is a particularly good choice – it’s tasty, fizzy, and fun. Be careful, however, that you don’t drink too much – you don’t want to gain weight and yet another addiction or problem!
  6. If you have to live someone who is a problem drinker or alcoholic, it can be incredibly difficult to keep harmony in the household. There’s plenty of support for you too; check out this site, for example, which gives advice tailored to people in your situation.

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