Chapter 9: The Best Time Management Books, Courses, and Programs

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We’ve just discussed some ways to improve our time management skills, but what if you want more information, advice, and tools? There is plenty of stuff out there that can help you on your productivity journey. Even though the time management articles found in this webbook will help, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the other awesome resources out there.

But there are just so many, how do we know where to start? I’ve looked at a lot of time management courses, books and other programs that are designed to teach people about time management and help them incorporate these best practices into their lives. This article will thus give you a rundown and review of some of the better time management resources out there. The next section of this chapter will cover time management software.

The Best Time Management E-Courses

There are many time management workshops and seminars that you can take in real life. I have little experience with these, so I can’t say much about them except to say that they will probably be useful only if they give you some kind of hard copy of the program to take with you. I also have no recommendations when it comes to time management coaches, gurus, experts, and so on. I can make some recommendations about books and the like, but not about individuals who may purport to teach you how to manage your time successfully. Some will be good, but I fear that most will not be worth it, especially considering how much they will charge.

I can say a bit about online courses, however. There are some e-courses out there that can help you crush procrastination and increase your productivity. I mention a couple good ones in the procrastination help resources chapter. However, in terms of time management, there are no courses dedicated “specifically” to time management, though really any course on productivity, getting stuff done, and procrastination will touch on this issue. Remember that time management, as we defined it, touches on a lot of different activities and practices. Thus, while there may be no one “guru” course, anything you do to increase your productivity is also improving your time management skills.

Note that if you want to teach a time management seminar or class, you can use the information you’ve learned in this book as a good foundation. In fact, you could direct your students to this book as a way for them to learn about the many issues surrounding managing time, such as productivity, laziness, hard work, procrastination, and more! I am considering releasing this webbook as a time management pdf as well; if you’re interested in possibly obtaining this e-book, let me know in the comments below!

The Best Time Management Books

First, I have to point out this webbook as a resource – though it’s not a time management blog, I will be updating it regularly with new content, chapters, tools, approaches and so on. I may actually eventually add time management exercises, worksheets, quizzes, tests, and other activities. A good survey or questionnaire can really enlighten you, but at this point I’m sticking to just giving out some information. So check back regularly (bookmark and share this page) for more information and resources.

Unlike e-courses and e-books, there are plenty of great time management books out there. I can’t review them all, obviously, but there are a few that I quite like. Note that many of the same books I talk about in the procrastination resources chapter will also apply here too!

Perhaps the gold-standard book when it comes to time management is David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. In this book, Allen discusses the foundations of time management, and teaches you a system for organizing all the tasks you have to do – for your life! – and gives you the framework to attack them one by one. This is a great time management book if you like to be organized; if you’re not someone who likes to write everything out, you may not like this system. However, realize that part of time management is writing things out, so that may be something you’ll have to get over.

There are of course a ton of other time management books out there, including Time Management For Dummies if you really want, but this is perhaps the best one to start with. If this system doesn’t fly for you, you can try other ones, though GTD in combination with this webbook should be enough for most people. To see other time management books at Amazon, click this link.

The main problem sometimes with books on time management and other ‘self-help’ books is that we rely too much on the actual reading of it. In the end, what will make us change is a concerted effort to change our habits. Too many people skip this part and wonder why reading one book hasn’t miraculously changed their lives. Instead, action should come first, second, and third – with reading and learning a distant fourth.

Much More to Come

I will eventually provide some more time management tools and resources – including presentations, powerpoints, videos, schedules, templates, forms, and other downloads.

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